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Tips for tea lovers: how to drink tea at the beginning of winter

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on a cold winter afternoon, I sit in front of the window with a cup of hot tea in my hand. The shallow winter sun seems to have little heat, but the hot tea in my hand can warm my body and heart. Chinese traditional medicine believes that the beginning of winter is the beginning of winter, and all things have been collected since then. They return to avoid the cold and gradually calm down. At this time, tea should be warm, smooth and moist, drink more old tea, light tea and less newly made dry and fiery tea. So let's see how to drink tea in the beginning of winter.


, 立冬时节怎样喝茶最养生,


are so-called warm, because after the beginning of winter, the weather is getting colder and colder, especially women tea friends, who are beautiful and have thin clothes. In addition, their physique is often cold during special periods every month. They should drink more warm tea and insist on drinking warm tea, such as black tea, black tea, cooked Pu'er tea, oolong tea with heavy fermentation, etc. These four kinds of tea are better to store tea for some time. If they can meet the characteristics of "old", it will be better. The so-called


are smooth. First, we should have smooth and non astringent tea; Second, we should harmonize our physique, taste and taste, and enjoy the tea we like; Third, of course, we can match our psychological price and cost-effective tea.


moisten the kidney meridians in winter, and the kidney water overcomes the heart fire. In winter, it is advisable to have more bitter food to help the heart Yang. As the four seasons notes said: "the kidney water in the winter moon tastes salty and is afraid of water and fire, so it is appropriate to nourish the heart." and warm tea is a good choice, moistening and generating saliva.

black tea begins at the beginning of winter. The weather is getting colder and colder. Making a cup of black tea seems to bring bursts of warmth with the ruby like attractive soup color. Black tea can promote metabolism, prevent influenza and prevent osteoporosis. It is an excellent drink.

black tea in winter is a period when people exercise less and eat more. Drinking black tea can promote digestion, decompose food and fat, adjust the metabolism of sugar, fat and water, and play a very important role in regulating the stomach. It is necessary to protect blood vessels and prevent obesity.


are common. In winter, they are prone to dry and uncomfortable skin, nasal cavity and throat; Less sweating and poor internal circulation; Ingest a lot of high calorie food, prone to indigestion and other symptoms. Hot Pu'er tea can effectively supplement the water needed by the human body and effectively regulate the internal circulation of the human body.

oolong tea is a semi fermented tea. It is neither hot nor cold. It is very suitable for health preservation and health care, especially to effectively reduce the occurrence of lung diseases.

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