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How should the solar terms of summer heat be used to promote good health? What should we pay attention to?

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there are twenty-four solar terms in China. The first half of every twelve months is festival and the second half is Qi. There are twenty-four solar terms in total. It is China's unique calendar. The 24 solar terms are determined by the climate in which crops grow. It is clear at a glance what solar terms should be planted and what plants should be planted. Therefore, we know how to keep healthy in the 24 solar terms. So in the solar term of summer, how should we promote good health? And follow Dr. Zheng to understand.


1. What does it mean to relieve summer heat? According to the collection solution of the seventy-two seasons of the month: "place, go, and the Department's Qi will stop here." the "place" here means "end", that is to say, the hot summer is about to pass, and it's over.


in ancient China, the summer festival was divided into three periods: "first, the eagle is to sacrifice birds; second, the heaven and earth begin to be solemn; third, the Wo is to ascend." it means that in the solar term of summer festival, the eagle began to hunt a large number of birds; Everything in heaven and earth began to wither; "He naideng" refers to the general name of millet, millet, rice and sorghum crops, and "Deng" means mature. Summer is a solar term that reflects the change of temperature. "Chu" means hiding and ending, "Chu Shu" means that the hot summer is over.

2. What should we pay attention to in summer and health preservation? When summer comes and autumn comes, it is golden. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Jinwang is on duty in the lung meridian, and excessive lung qi can overcome liver wood. Therefore, health preservation should also focus on nourishing and protecting the liver. Therefore, we should try to eat more nourishing, dry and light food, and avoid spicy, barbecue and greasy food: for example, we can eat more tomatoes, pears, tremella, kelp, lean meat, fish and fresh vegetables and fruits; Eat less spicy food such as pepper, ginger, raw garlic, pepper, green onion and wine. If time permits, you can cook some tonic, cool and Runfei soup, such as kelp ribs soup, apple Sydney lean meat soup, fig undersea coconut soup, etc. Like radishes, eat less, because radishes are breathless, and on summer days, people are short of Qi and need to keep Qi. The solar terms of


are in the alternating period from heat to cool. The Yang Qi in nature tends to converge from relief, and the rise and fall of Yin-Yang Qi in the human body also change. At this time, the daily work and rest should be adjusted accordingly. In autumn, the first thing to adjust is the sleep time. It is well known to go to bed early and get up early. Scientific health care requires a comprehensive grasp of sleep rules and methods.


in addition, the ancients also emphasized the importance of noon sleep in the sleep regimen (i.e. sleeping at midnight and noon every day). They believed that at noon, yin and Yang intersected, flourished and declined, and there was an imbalance between Qi and Yang in the body. They must lie still to wait for Qi recovery. Modern studies have found that from 0 to 4 o'clock at night, the functions of various organs in the body fall to the lowest point; 12 to 13 noon is the most tired time of human sympathetic nerve. Statistics show that the nap of the elderly can reduce the incidence rate of heart and cerebrovascular diseases.


in the summer solar term, it is suitable to eat heat clearing and calming products, such as tremella, lily, lotus seed, honey, yellow croaker, scallop, kelp, jellyfish, celery, spinach, glutinous rice, sesame, beans and milk.

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