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Don't forget moxibustion on cold days, warming Yang, tonifying Qi, warming meridians and dispersing cold

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Chinese traditional medicine believes that winter is the best time for human health care and Yang Qi. At this time, people have rich means of nourishing, such as tonifying through daily diet and reasonable exercise to enhance their physique. In addition to these methods, solar term baking, which is popular among Chinese people, is also a good choice, especially in the coldest days, It's good for the human body to have sunburn therapy. Let's understand it now.


, 数九炙疗温阳补气温经散寒,


professional traditional Chinese medicine doctors pointed out that moxibustion is a good way of health care in cold days. It can warm yang, replenish qi, warm meridians and disperse cold, so as to improve the cold and disease resistance of the body, improve the immune ability and adaptability to climate change, and prolong life.

moxibustion can replenish qi and nourish blood. Moxibustion can reconcile Qi and blood. Qi is the driving force of human life. Blood is the basic nutrient of human beings. With sufficient Qi and blood and smooth operation, human life activities can be normal. Moxibustion can not only replenish qi and nourish blood, but also dredge Qi machine, so as to reconcile Qi and blood, so as to achieve the purpose of health care.


tips: don't apply moxibustion on an empty stomach before meals or immediately after meals, and don't do it in large doses at the beginning.

day moxibustion warming meridian and dispersing cold day moxibustion is the main method of non fire heat moxibustion in traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion treatment, also known as foaming therapy. By applying specially formulated drugs to specific acupoints, tianmoxibustion can continuously stimulate acupoints, dredge meridians and collaterals, achieve the effect of warming meridians and dispersing cold, dredging meridians, activating blood circulation and dredging veins, and regulating viscera function. It can not only improve clinical symptoms, but also improve body immunity.


tips: day moxibustion is not suitable for patients with fever, cold, skin allergy, poor coagulation function and cancer; During the application period, avoid raw, cold, spicy and other irritating food, and avoid fish, shrimp and other allergenic food. It is best not to take a bath on the day of application.


steam moxibustion for the prevention and treatment of chilblain medicine fumigation steam moxibustion is a moxibustion method that uses liquid medicine steam to fumigate and moxibustion meridians and acupoints to achieve the purpose of treatment. Clinically, the indications are also different due to different drug prescriptions and moxibustion sites. For example, cotton seed steam moxibustion and eggplant pepper root steam moxibustion can be used to treat chilblain. Steam moxibustion can also treat hemorrhoids, goose palm wind, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases. Tips on


: steam moxibustion should be aimed at the affected part and smoked with steam. The distance should be appropriate. If it is too close, the temperature is too high, and if it is too far, the effect is not good. In clinic, prescriptions can be flexibly selected according to the needs of the disease, and moxibustion according to law can achieve better curative effects.


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