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Beauty loving women see, how to protect skin in frost season

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-08 1 0

frost fall is the last solar term of autumn. The pace of winter is coming, and the temperature is gradually decreasing. In the bleak autumn wind, the increasingly dry air is a test for people's skin. Especially for beautiful female friends, how can they tolerate their dry and itchy skin and even allergic symptoms? So let's take a look at how to protect skin in frost season and make your face still beautiful.


before and after frost, the metabolism level of skin began to decrease, the secretion of sweat glands decreased, and the moisture content of skin decreased; The secretion of sebaceous glands decreased, resulting in the decrease of water holding capacity of stratum corneum; In addition, the climate is dry, windy and rainy. Most people feel dry skin and are prone to allergies, itching and other discomfort. Therefore, it is particularly important to protect your skin in frost season, so what should you do?

first, keep your lungs well. The lung "governs Qi and controls breathing" and "the lung gathers fur", that is, the respiratory system of the human body is in charge of the lung, and whether the function of the lung is normal can be observed according to the quality of the skin. Therefore, in autumn and winter, on the one hand, we should drink more water and eat less cold drinks. Because "cold form and cold drink will hurt the lungs", that is, the body is cold and eating too cold is easy to hurt the lungs. On the other hand, we can appropriately increase some exercises beneficial to enhancing lung capacity, such as walking, jogging, doing exercises, playing Taijiquan, etc.

followed by local moisturizing. Skin care focuses on moisturizing. First, drink enough water, drink 6-8 cups of water a day, and supplement drinking fruit juice, mineral water, tea, etc; The second is to fumigate the face. You can fumigate the face with steam or apply skin care products with moisturizing function to reduce the moisture distribution of the face.

the third is to eat fruits and vegetables. In addition to drinking more soymilk, milk and other drinks, we should also eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and quit smoking, wine, coffee, strong tea and fried food; The fourth is less stimulation. Choose mild cleansing cream, non-alcoholic lotion, moisturizing, but not greasy cream.

finally, prevent allergy. Seasonal change is the enemy of allergic skin. This season, we should pay attention not to use "strong" skin care products such as scrub and exfoliating cream; For people with sensitive skin, be sure to absorb moisture in time after washing your face to avoid moisture evaporation and accelerate skin drying; When there is dirt, oil and other dirt on the skin, do not wipe it with your hand, but "gently" remove it with a clean cotton swab.

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