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The practice of glutinous rice in the great cold. Why does the great cold eat glutinous rice

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The weather is very cold in the

cold season. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people should pay attention to keeping warm and expelling the cold and nourishing qi and blood to survive the winter. There are also a variety of cold tonics and medicinal meals among the people. Among them, in Guangdong, the glutinous rice that must be eaten in the cold is also beneficial to the body. Let's understand why people eat glutinous rice in the cold.


traditional Chinese medicine believes that cold is Yin evil, and the coldest solar term is also the peak period of Yin evil. From the perspective of diet and health preservation, we should eat more warm food to supplement the body and prevent the invasion of cold climate. Glutinous rice is sweet in taste and warm in nature. It has the effects of warming and nourishing the stomach, tonifying the middle and supplementing qi. After eating it, it will heat up all over the body and play a role in keeping out the cold and nourishing. It is the most suitable to eat in the cold season.


glutinous rice, as a mild tonic, have the functions of tonifying deficiency, nourishing blood, strengthening spleen and warming stomach, stopping sweating and so on. It is suitable for nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea and sweating deficiency, shortness of breath and weakness, pregnancy and abdominal distension caused by spleen and stomach deficiency and cold. Modern scientific research also shows that glutinous rice contains protein, fat, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B and starch. It is a warm and strong product. It is made into glutinous rice, which is delicious and nutritious.


however, the glutinous rice eaten by Cantonese in the cold season is not just as simple as boiling glutinous rice into rice. The rice will be accompanied by fried "cured meat" (Cantonese collectively refer to sausage and cured meat as "cured meat"), coriander and scallion, which tastes particularly fragrant. Cured meat is essential for cooking glutinous rice. On the one hand, it has high fat content and can resist cold; On the other hand, glutinous rice itself is sticky and has a strong smell. It needs some oil to be mixed to taste delicious. The methods of


glutinous rice are various. The common method of bacon glutinous rice is similar to that of ordinary rice, but we need to make preparations first. The usual mixing materials include mushroom, squid, bacon and peanuts. The mixing materials can be selected according to individual preferences. In addition, mushrooms and squid should be soaked in advance. In particular, squid should be washed, mushrooms, squid and bacon should be chopped, peanuts should be raw peanuts, peeled after drying, and peanuts should be baked slowly.


should remember that it does not need a lot of water to make glutinous rice, which is 2 / 3 of the water volume of ordinary rice. When the rice is almost cooked, you can stir fry the mixture. Because there is bacon in the mix, fry the bacon until it is transparent, then put the squid and mushroom together, and put the appropriate seasoning (salt, sugar and oyster sauce). After frying for a period of time, cover the cover, stew for a while, then put the peanuts in, and then fry for a while. You can put the prepared mix into the glutinous rice and stir well.

there are some tips for cooking glutinous rice. You must match it with one-third of sticky rice to taste good. Glutinous rice doesn't absorb water. It will be very sticky when boiled with glutinous rice. It's not easy to eat. It's just good to taste with glutinous rice and neutralize the water absorption. You can't cook glutinous rice with high fire. You should cook it with warm fire for about half an hour. When the rice is mature, put all kinds of materials into it, stir well, cover it and simmer for 5 minutes. Only in this way can it be soft and hard.


it should be noted that glutinous rice is not easy to digest, the elderly and children should not eat more, and glutinous rice has a astringent effect. If eating glutinous rice leads to constipation, it can be dissolved by drinking radish soup.


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