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When does it start to go back to the south? Don't worry about moistureproof

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is coming back to the south. The cold and humid weather is depressing. It's wet everywhere when you go out of the house. When you get home, the floor, wall, furniture, clothes and food are covered with a layer of water droplets and even moldy, which makes people crazy. But it's not a way to go on like this. All kinds of moisture-proof and dehumidification methods came into being. Let's understand when to return to the South sky and how to do well in moisture-proof to be at ease.


when does the return to the South begin? The return to the south usually starts in the spring from March to April every year. It is a weather return tide phenomenon that the temperature begins to warm and the humidity begins to rise. At the time of winter and spring, the cold air retreats and the warm and humid air flow counterattacks rapidly, resulting in the rise of temperature and the increase of air humidity, When some cold objects encounter warm and humid airflow, they are easy to produce water droplets and become wet, which is more serious in the humid southern coastal areas. The arrival of


back to the south is premonitory. First, there must be a continuous cold process for at least three days before the indoor object temperature can be reduced to the same level as that outside the room, that is, the so-called "cold through". Generally, the low-temperature, cloudy and rainy weather with daily average temperature lower than 12 ℃ lasts for more than three days and turns into warm and humid air flow with rapid temperature rise, which is the pre signal of "returning to the South".


foresee the attack of returning to the south, so people can be prepared for moisture-proof. Then let Xiaobian give you a few moves, so that you don't need to worry too much in the face of the fierce return to the south.

1. How to prevent moisture on the floor of the ice rink? A basin of warm salt water can solve the moisture-proof problem of the floor. Add a few spoonfuls of salt to warm water. After the salt is fully dissolved, soak the mop in salt water, wring it dry, and then start mopping the floor. The evaporation speed of warm brine will be faster than that of cold water, and the drying speed of the floor will be faster. The magnesium chloride and calcium chloride in table salt can absorb water to prevent water vapor from condensing on the ground. After water absorption and drying, it will become small particles, and the drying time of the floor will be prolonged.

2. The bathroom is damp proof. The wettest place in the home is the bathroom. If you leave the bathroom damp when you go back to the south, the wall of the bathroom will be moldy and produce an unpleasant smell. So how to dehumidify? Washing powder is a sharp weapon against moisture in the bathroom.


divide the washing powder into small bags, poke several small holes in the bag and put it in the corner where dehumidification is needed. After absorbing water, the washing powder will turn into pieces. It's just right to wash clothes without wasting at all. Choosing scented washing powder can also make the bathroom full of dry and fresh taste. At the same time, open more exhaust fans. Remember to close the door of the bathroom while venting, try to keep the bathroom floor dry, sweep away the accumulated water on the ground and avoid water vapor condensation.

3. The kitchen is moisture-proof. If the humidity in the kitchen used every day is too heavy, it is easy to attract cockroaches and ants. In addition to the removal of oil fume, moisture-proof is also essential. It is recommended to open more range hoods or exhaust fans to exhaust moisture; Soda powder can absorb moisture. Sun dried tea or used coffee grounds also have the same effect. Packed with clean gauze bags or clean old cotton socks, it becomes a dehumidification bag with both dehumidification and deodorization.

4. The clothes are moisture-proof. Once they arrive in the south, they are wet inside and outside. They don't dry for several days. When they are almost dry, they have to wait for a long time when they are exposed to moisture, and there will be strange smell. If you don't have a dryer to dry clothes, you can only choose an electric hair dryer. If you touch clothes that don't feel particularly wet, you can blow them with a hair dryer, and then hang them indoors to dry. Hang several bags of moisture-proof agent on the wardrobe. You must hang it above the clothes to absorb the moisture that accidentally runs into the wardrobe.

5. Once the medicine is damp proof, its efficacy and quality will be greatly reduced. If it deteriorates, it may also endanger human health. If the sugar coated pills, capsules, effervescent tablets and other tablets in


western medicine are not properly stored, they are prone to moisture. When storing drugs, they can be packed in fresh-keeping bags or sealed bags, or put into capped glass bottles or plastic boxes. A small amount of Chinese medicinal materials can be put in the refrigerator. If they are more valuable Chinese medicinal materials, such as Cordyceps sinensis and pilose antler, they can be packed in sealed bags and put into the bottom of the rice jar, which can effectively prevent the invasion of moisture to the medicinal materials.


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