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Traditional Chinese medicine: how to "treat winter diseases in winter" when count nine comes?

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and "treatment of winter diseases in summer" must be heard by everyone. This treatment refers to the use of summer, a period of vigorous Yang in nature, to treat some diseases that are easy to occur or aggravate in winter. But today we are going to talk about "winter treatment of winter diseases", which is just the opposite. It is a treatment to help people resist external evils and prevent diseases in winter. Let's see how to treat winter diseases when count nine comes.


traditional Chinese medicine believes that the three or nine days of the ninth season are the coldest time in winter and the weakest time of human Yang. At this time, human Yang is accumulated, Qi and blood are not smooth, skin is dry, pores are blocked, and many diseases are easy to get and commit. If Sanjiu paste therapy is used at this time, it can serve the purposes of Warming Yang and Supplementing Qi, benefiting lung and spleen, tonifying kidney and dispersing cold, activating collaterals and relieving pain. It can often achieve unexpected and significant effects on many chronic diseases, belonging to "winter disease and winter prevention".


professional traditional Chinese medicine doctors introduced that the so-called "winter diseases" are some diseases that occur or worsen in the cold season in winter, such as joint pain in rheumatology diseases, body deficiency in respiratory diseases, easy to catch a cold, chronic gastritis in gastrointestinal diseases, and hypophysis in endocrine diseases. According to


traditional Chinese medicine doctors, in addition to the patients with the above diseases, the patients with physical deficiency, fatigue, neurasthenia, or recurrent episodes of frequent diarrhea and gastritis, especially those who are easy to catch a cold in the air-conditioned room for a long time, can be conditioned through Sanjiu paste. As for the duration of conditioning treatment, experts had better stick to it on time every dog days and 39 days in three to five years, so as to have better results.


but traditional Chinese medicine doctors also remind people that there are taboos in Sanjiu paste, which not everyone can paste. For example, pregnant women, those with skin allergies and those in the acute fever period of diseases should be used with caution or prohibited. Moreover, during the application of Sanjiu paste, people need to quit smoking and alcohol, and avoid cold, greasy, seafood, spicy and other irritating foods.

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