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Women's hands and feet are cold in cold days. Nine tricks can be solved

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count nine season, the weather is freezing, and many female friends are always cold at this time. In traditional Chinese medicine, this is because these people belong to cold constitution, and there are problems in blood circulation and metabolism. So what should female friends do when their hands and feet are cold on nine cold days? Xiaobian has sorted out nine tips for you. You might as well try them.


1. Eat more foods containing nicotinic acid. Nicotinic acid is very helpful to stabilize the nervous system and circulatory system, improve nervous tension, tension diarrhea and dermatitis, expand peripheral blood vessels and improve cold hands and feet. Nicotinic acid is found in animal liver, eggs, milk, cheese, brown rice, whole wheat products, sesame, mushrooms Peanuts, mung beans and coffee are rich in.

in addition, vitamin B group can help synthesize nicotinic acid. For example, vitamins B1, B2 and B6 can help synthesize nicotinic acid. If you want to promote peripheral vascular dilation, you can supplement 30-60mg vitamin B group every day. But it should be noted that if you take too much niacin, your face will turn red and hot. We should pay more attention than we can.

2. Many girls often knock on the gall Sutra. In winter, the upper body is hot and the lower body is cold, which is closely related to the poor blood in the lower body. Therefore, the blood circulation in the lower body can be unblocked by knocking on the gall Sutra. Lie flat on the bed, contract the leg muscles, and push-pull compression at the depression on the outside of the thigh. You need to press until you feel sore.

3. Soaking feet in hot water at about 9 p.m. every day is the best time to soak feet. At this time, the human body begins to enter the detoxification period every day. Foot soaking can speed up blood circulation and effectively discharge toxins. Women with cold body had better add a little Wormwood Leaves or ginger tablets to the hot water to dissipate the cold. Remember to control the water temperature at about 40 degrees Celsius. It is appropriate to be comfortable and not hot. Soak for about 5 minutes.


4. Many girls have cold body during small-scale aerobic exercise. In fact, it is caused by poor blood circulation. Therefore, doing some small-scale aerobic exercise at home will promote blood circulation and dispel the cold. Yoga, Pilates and even the recently popular PIU aerobics take up a small area and are very suitable for at home.

5. Foot massage is cold from the foot. Good foot massage can effectively speed up the blood circulation, while foot acupoints correspond to many organs. Pressing can effectively promote the blood circulation. You can massage the foot after soaking your feet.

6. Eat more vitamin containing foods. Cold hands and feet are closely related to peripheral blood circulation. Vitamin E supplementation helps to expand peripheral blood vessels and smooth peripheral blood circulation. Remember to stick to it all the time. Vitamin E is widely distributed in animal and vegetable oils, egg yolks, milk, fruits, lettuce leaves and other foods, and is more abundant in wheat germ oil, corn oil, peanut oil and cottonseed oil.

7. Eat warm foods, such as Renshen tea, ginger duck, longan tea, black sesame, sweet dumplings, etc. in winter, it can not only warm the body, but also gradually supplement the body, and the hands and feet can no longer be cold. In addition, there are many drugs in traditional Chinese medicine that can improve and prevent cold hands and feet, such as ginseng, Codonopsis pilosula, angelica, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Radix Astragali, pilose antler, rabbit silk seed, Morinda officinalis, Yugui, Cistanche deserticola, Xianmao, Yugui Zi, Cinnamon Twig, ephedra, dried ginger, pepper, pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, etc.

8. Women who drink more warm and tonic tea and have a cold body usually had better drink more tea with warm and tonic effect. Black tea, medlar tea, oolong tea, ginger tea and brown sugar tea are good choices.

9. Abdominal hot compress for female friends with cold constitution, the abdominal cold is most likely to rise and affect the whole body. Therefore, they usually insist on applying hot compress to the abdominal part. When traveling in winter, they can apply warm baby to the abdominal part. If the blood circulation of the lower body is insufficient, you can insist on taking a bath. If the conditions are insufficient, you can use the sitting bath of the lower body. A little essential oil in the bath water can promote blood circulation.


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