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Nutrition experts tell you that there are eleven kinds of food that frost must eat

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The folk proverb

says: "it is better to replenish frost than to replenish winter". According to the health preservation theory of traditional Chinese medicine, people should pay attention to nourishing yin and moistening dryness in their daily diet. They should also remember to strengthen the spleen, stomach and liver and kidney. Then let's take a look at the suggestions of nutrition experts. What are the 11 kinds of food they must eat in frost season.


1. Autumn pear is a good choice in frost season. Pear tastes sweet, cool and slightly sour. It has the effects of clearing heat, generating fluid, moistening lung and resolving phlegm. It is a good fruit for preventing autumn dryness. Pears can maintain the healthy state of cells and tissues and soften blood vessels. Raw pear has the functions of clearing heat and detoxification, generating fluid and moistening dryness, clearing heart and reducing fire; Decoct water or add honey to boil cream, which has the effects of clearing heat, moistening lung, resolving phlegm and relieving cough. If you take it with water chestnut, honey, sugarcane juice, the effect is better.


pears contain much fruit acid and should not be used with alkaline drugs, such as aminophylline, baking soda, etc. Those who use it to relieve cough and phlegm should not choose sweet pears with too high sugar content. Pears should not be eaten with crabs to prevent diarrhea. Because pear tastes sweet, slightly sour and cold, while crab tastes salty and cold, with slight toxicity. Both are cold and beneficial products, and the same food hurts the intestines and stomach. Drinking hot water and eating greasy food when eating pears can lead to diarrhea.


2. A large number of apples are on the market before and after the frost. At this time, eating apples is the most healthy. Organic acids and cellulose in apples can promote intestinal peristalsis, make stool soft and easy to excrete. Therefore, eating apples can promote defecation and treat dry stool. It is advisable to roast the apple. Apples contain a lot of vitamins and malic acid, which can promote the decomposition of fat accumulated in the human body. Regular consumption of apples can prevent obesity. Those with too much fat need to eat some sour apples.

eat an apple, don't bite the apple core. Apple kernel contains a small amount of harmful substance - hydrocyanic acid. A large amount of hydrocyanic acid is deposited in the body, which will lead to dizziness, headache, accelerated breathing rate and other symptoms. In severe cases, coma may occur. But don't worry too much. The hydrocyanic acid in Apple mainly exists in the core, not in the pulp. It should be reminded that eating apples like this will not lead to poisoning immediately, but eating apples like this for a long time is indeed harmful to health.


3. Duck is one of the foods that must be eaten in frost. Duck meat is not only rich in protein, which can timely supplement the excessive consumption in summer, but also has a cool nature. It can nourish yin and stomach, strengthen spleen and tonify deficiency. Recommendation: there are many ways to eat duck


in frost fall. You can cook, fry soup or cook vegetables, but smoked or fried duck should not be eaten often, because this cooking method is easy to produce benzopyrene, which can cause cancer. In addition, due to the cold nature of duck meat, cold patients should not eat duck meat, otherwise it may aggravate their condition.

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