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What to eat in cold spring is the best way to keep healthy and not afraid of disease

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is a cold season in late spring. At this time, the climate changes greatly. For a while, the spring is bright, but for a while, the temperature drops sharply. In such weather, doctors remind people to pay attention to the invasion of colds, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other diseases. So let's understand what we eat in cold spring is the most healthy and disease-free.


the dietary principle of reversing spring cold is spring, which is the season of vigorous liver fire. Therefore, the focus of health preservation at this time is to nourish the liver. If the liver fire is prosperous, it is easy to suffer from weakness of the spleen and stomach. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "on the 72nd day of spring, save acid and increase sweetness to raise temper." that is to say, eat less acid and increase sweetness in spring. Eating too much acidic food will make the liver fire more prosperous, and the food with sweet taste can effectively regulate the liver fire.


doctors suggest that at this time, it is necessary to avoid sour and astringent, greasy and alcohol. It is also worth reminding that fresh fruits in spring must wait until they are ripe and sweet. Unripe fruits are too sour, and eating too much is also easy to hurt the liver. In addition, in spring, you should also avoid mutton, sea fish, shrimp and other good hair foods, and pay attention to the intake of vitamins, inorganic salts and high-quality protein. Medical research also shows that lack of enough vitamin B is easy to cause spring sleepiness, and vitamins can also enhance the body's immunity.

in the "cold spring" weather, you might as well eat some delicious food, which is good for your health. Add garlic, onion, celery and other flavors to the diet, which can be beneficial to prevent typhoid and cold, multiple respiratory infections in spring, heart attack and stroke. Onion, ginger, garlic and celery are vegetable foods. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that eating can disperse wind and cold, help human body sterilize and prevent diseases. Modern science has proved that garlic contains volatile capsaicin, which can eliminate the lipids accumulated in blood vessels; Onion contains prostaglandins, which can relax blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. Diallyl disulfide and a small amount of thioamino acids can promote the dissolution of blood clots; Celery contains volatile oil and mannitol, which can reduce blood pressure, calm, strengthen stomach, diuresis and so on.


bitter taste food of balsam pear is the natural enemy of "fire". Bitter food is bitter because it contains bitter substances such as alkaloids and urea. Traditional Chinese medicine studies have found that these bitter substances can relieve heat and fatigue. The best bitter food is balsam pear. Whether it's cold, fried or soup, as long as you can cook balsam pear well without losing its "cyan", you can achieve the purpose of "removing fire". In addition to balsam pear, other bitter foods also have good "fire removing" effects, such as almond, bitter cabbage, Kuding tea, celery, mustard, etc., which can also clear away heat and relieve summer heat.

milk many people think that drinking milk in summer will aggravate "getting angry" and cause irritability. In fact, drinking milk in summer will not only not "get angry", but also detoxify heat and liver fire. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that milk is slightly cold, which can play the effect of "removing fire" by Nourishing Yin and detoxifying heat. Moreover, milk contains about 70% water, which can also supplement the water lost by human body due to a lot of sweating in summer. It should be noted that do not freeze the milk into ice, otherwise many nutrients will be destroyed.

strawberries are not only delicious, but also of medicinal value. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of "removing fire", which can clear summer heat, relieve fever and remove annoyance.


soybeans can not only nourish yin and "remove fire", but also supplement the protein consumed by high temperature.


tomatoes can be seen all year round, but tomatoes are the most sweet and nutritious in summer. It can also clear away heat, detoxify, calm the liver and "remove fire".

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