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Talking about health in cold days: pay attention to "three tonics" in health preservation for the elderly

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enters the cold days of the ninth year, and the temperature drops all the way. Especially in the "March ninth" and "April ninth", it is the coldest time of the year. Ordinary people will suffer from the cold if they don't pay attention to it, not to mention the middle-aged and elderly friends with weak physique. For this, professional traditional Chinese medicine doctors suggest that the elderly should pay attention to "three supplements" to enhance their physical resistance and better prevent diseases, So let's see what the "three supplements" of counting nine are.


tonic is to pay attention to nourishing the mind, be positive mentally, keep optimistic and do more quiet things. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that stable spirit and emotion are of great benefit to the function of Qi and blood of the human body, while abnormal mind and excessive joy and anger will hurt the mind. In winter, SHENBU should conform to the nature of winter, and let the brain rest and purify by often closing eyes and nourishing the mind; In daily life, do not care about trivial matters, and do not participate in unprincipled disputes and contests; Often comfort yourself and broaden your mind, so as to achieve the purpose of health preservation.


are mainly used to supplement Yang, but they should not be too mechanical. They should be selected according to the prosperity and decline of their own Yin and Yang Qi and blood and in combination with the nature of food. The diet of yin deficiency people and yang deficiency people is different. Yin deficiency refers to the depletion of essence, blood and body fluid, which is manifested as blushing and getting angry, dry mouth and throat, dry cough, night sweats, dry skin and dry hair. Such people should nourish the kidney and lungs, and can eat soft and sweet foods, such as milk, soybean milk, eggs, fish, sesame, honey, lily, etc. they should avoid dry and hot foods, such as pepper, pepper, anise, fennel, etc., so as not to turn heat into yin.


can be used to supplement the elderly or the weak. While tonifying God and food, some drugs can also be used to supplement. Tonics include ginseng, Astragalus membranaceus, donkey hide gelatin, Cordyceps sinensis, Chinese wolfberry, etc. they can be made into medicinal diet together with meat.

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