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Count nine and eat six delicious foods in moderation, which is rich in nutrition and beneficial to health

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When the

count of nine arrives, the weather is cold. However, in this chilly season, there is one thing that can undoubtedly comfort people's hearts, that is, they can eat delicious and timely late winter food. According to nutrition experts, eating six kinds of food in moderation during the count of nine is delicious and nutritious, which is very beneficial to health. Let's see which six kinds are, What are the effects and taboos of eating.


often eat sweet potato to prolong life. Sweet potato is a relatively healthy food. The antioxidant components contained in potato have anti-cancer effect and are known as "anti-cancer stars" in Japan. In addition, sweet potato is also rich in vitamins, minerals and cellulose. Eating some sweet potato properly can not only supplement nutrition, but also promote digestion and alleviate constipation. In addition, sweet potato has low calories and is easy to produce a sense of fullness. It is a good low-fat food. Eating sweet potato will not get fat. On the contrary, it can keep fit and lose weight and prevent sub-health.


don't eat more than two crabs. Even in winter, it still can't stop people's demand for hairy crabs. Many people who love to eat crab can't help the temptation. They can't enjoy eating 357 at a meal. However, the protein content in crab meat is very high. Just eat 1-2 at a meal, otherwise it will cause a waste of protein. However, not everyone is suitable for eating crabs. On the one hand, the cholesterol content in crab roe is high. For those who need to control blood lipids, it's best not to eat crabs; On the other hand, traditional Chinese medicine believes that crabs are cold, and people with weak physique and poor intestines and stomach should not eat more.


persimmons have high mineral content. Persimmons have high content of vitamins and minerals. They are known as the king of fruit beneficial to heart health. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that persimmons have the effects of nourishing lung and stomach and clearing dry fire. Therefore, eating some persimmons in moderation can alleviate constipation. However, the tannin content of persimmon is high, so it is not suitable to eat on an empty stomach. In addition, persimmon is also a good snack. It has a strong sense of satiety, and can moisten the lungs and stomach. However, the sugar content of persimmon is high, so it is not suitable to eat more. Just 1-2 persimmons a day.


chestnuts strengthen the stomach and spleen. Chestnuts contain a lot of nutrients, including crude fiber, carotene, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals. The nutrients that can be absorbed and utilized by the human body are as high as 98%, and the fat content is the lowest among nuts. Moreover, Chinese medicine believes that chestnut has the functions of nourishing the stomach, strengthening the spleen, tonifying the kidney and strengthening the tendons. However, the starch content in chestnut is very high, so it is not advisable to eat more. Diabetic patients should not eat as much as possible.


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walnuts are more suitable for the elderly. Walnut fat is rich in essential fatty acids for the human brain. The phospholipids are particularly beneficial to the brain and can supplement and strengthen the brain, which is good for the elderly. But walnuts contain a lot of vegetable oil, so it is appropriate to eat 2-4 walnuts a day, not too much. At the same time, many people pay attention to health preservation. They not only eat walnuts, but also eat peanuts, almonds and chestnuts. If they don't pay attention to food control, it's easy to overdo. You can arrange a different kind of nuts every day for a week, so that you can meet the nutrition without taking in too many calories.


it's best not to peel eggplant. Eggplant is considered by many nutritionists to be a vegetable with high nutritional value. Eggplant contains plant protein, especially the skin of purple eggplant contains proanthocyanidins, which has strong antioxidant effect. Therefore, it is best not to peel eggplant when eating eggplant. In addition, rutin contained in eggplant can protect blood vessels. People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can eat more appropriately.


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