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Keep in mind a few steps to keep healthy in summer

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summer, the hottest season of the year, is most prone to loss of appetite and irritability. Then, we should know the importance of health preservation in summer. In terms of health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine, we learn to self regulate our body, which can effectively change our mental state.


I. diet conditioning "food is the priority of the people", so we must pay attention to a reasonable diet in summer. Summer is the high incidence period of female gynecological diseases, and it is easy to have the possibility of recurrence. In addition, in summer, the digestive system of the human body becomes fragile, so the health preserving diet in summer should pay attention to the functions of strengthening the spleen and Supplementing Qi, clearing heat and dampness and relieving summer heat and generating body fluid. It is best to choose a lighter diet and eat less greasy and indigestible food. The best summer diet includes watermelon, cucumber, cantaloupe, tomato, green tea, mung bean soup, etc. But do not eat too cold food, otherwise it will hurt the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Mood adjustment summer is the season most prone to sweating and will damage a lot of morale. While paying attention to replenishing water, you should also do a good job of nourishing morale, such as making yourself a pot of refreshing heart tea, or participating in some activities you are interested in and taking a summer trip. Or you can give yourself enough time to do what you like, which can relax people's psychology, relax their psychology, and develop their body healthily.

III. outdoor sports summer is suitable for outdoor sports. Effective sports can make women integrate Yin and Yang, Qi and blood, unblock blood vessels and meridians, promote metabolism, detoxification and beauty. Because the climate in summer is relatively hot, it is recommended to exercise in the morning or evening. You can choose jogging, fast walking, walking, aerobics, yoga and other sports. Don't be afraid of sweating too much in summer. Sweating can play an effective detoxification effect when sweating. In addition, the use of air conditioning should not be excessive to avoid air conditioning disease.

IV. nap in summer is characterized by long days and short nights. People go to bed late and get up early, and the sleep time is relatively shortened. With the hot summer, the pressure of work and the busy life, more women's sleep quality has not been improved, and even insomnia will occur. Therefore, the quality of summer health and sleep is very important. Due to the summer weather, the sun shines at noon, which is most likely to cause heat injury. In addition, the summer night is short, which needs to be supplemented by daytime nap. Therefore, health preservation in summer should pay attention to nap, eliminate fatigue and supplement energy. The work efficiency in the afternoon will be improved accordingly. In addition, it is appropriate to take a nap within half an hour.

v. water replenishment after getting up in the morning in summer, it is best to drink some water first to supplement the water consumed at night. In summer, in addition to the normal diet of three meals, the daily drinking water volume should be maintained at about 1500-2000 ml. "it is mainly a small amount of drinking more, and you can't think of drinking water until you are thirsty."


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