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Methods of keeping different constitutions in summer by traditional Chinese Medicine

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summer regimen is conducive to maintaining meditation in hot times, so that you will not have bad conditions such as irritability or depression. However, because everyone's constitution is generally different, from the aspect of traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, we should keep healthy according to everyone's individual constitution. Next, work with Xiaobian to see what method you are suitable for.


traditional Chinese medicine divides people's constitution into seven categories: peace, phlegm dampness, Yang deficiency, Qi deficiency, yin deficiency, damp heat and Yang heat.

1. Peace. Such people are fat, thin, symmetrical, strong and powerful, have vivid eyes and energetic. The principle of health preservation is to coordinate Yin and Yang, unblock Qi and blood and promote metabolism. There is no variety taboo in diet.

2. Phlegm and dampness. Such people have fat waist and abdomen, heavy and tired limbs. The main way to take care of them is to soothe the liver and regulate qi. In diet, it is appropriate to eat things that can strengthen the stomach, promote qi and promote blood circulation, such as tangerine peel, rose, jasmine, hawthorn, etc.

3. The skin color of such people is yellow, and they feel "Turbid" but not refreshing. Recuperation should focus on strengthening the spleen and removing dampness, soothing the liver and benefiting the gallbladder. Diet should eat light and wet things, such as white gourd, balsam pear, mung bean, job's tears, kelp, etc.

4. Yang heat is strong, ruddy, loud and thick. Recuperation should focus on generating fluid and nourishing yin. Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially cucumber, balsam pear, watermelon, pear, apple, rock sugar, etc.

5. Such people with Qi deficiency have tired limbs, soft muscles and don't like exercise. Those with Qi deficiency should mainly tonify the spleen and lung, and be careful to avoid wind evil. Food should be mild and warm, such as yam, longan meat, lotus seeds, etc.

6. Yin deficiency is mostly a thin or long body. Such people are afraid of heat, hand and foot heart heat, dry or oily skin. The principle of health preservation is to nourish yin and reduce fire, calm and calm the mind, and mainly regulate diet and mind. In terms of diet, it is not suitable to eat warm, dry, spicy and fragrant food. It is suitable to eat clean and moist things, such as grapes, pears, balsam pear, cucumbers, etc.

7. Such people are afraid of cold and their limbs are not warm. They often feel cold on their back and below their knees. People with Yang deficiency should mainly warm the spleen and kidney and exercise. It is suitable to eat warm food, such as litchi, longan, mutton, etc.

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