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Thirteen kinds of red food can be tried to keep out the cold in the ninth season

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nutrition experts remind people that the weather is cold in the count nine season. At this time, people should pay attention to supplement energy in their diet. They can eat more red food rich in protein, high-quality vitamins and various minerals, which helps to strengthen their physique, keep warm and prevent colds. Let's take a look at the 13 red foods that can be tried to keep warm in the count nine season.


there are mainly two kinds of red food. One is meat food and meat products containing heme, such as beef and mutton; One is brightly colored vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, red dates, hawthorn, etc. they are basically rich in protein, high-quality vitamins, minerals and other elements. Eating more can maintain health and improve the body's ability to resist the cold.


1. Sweet potato is rich in dietary fiber, carotene, vitamins, potassium, magnesium and other nutrients. When it is cold, drinking a bowl of sweet potato porridge just out of the pot or eating a hot baked sweet potato will help to resist the cold.


2. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and lycopene. Lycopene can resist oxidation and protect low-density lipoprotein from oxidative damage, so as to reduce blood lipid and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Recommendation: explain the origin of the nine songs in detail


3. Red apples often eat apples can increase hemoglobin and make the skin white, red and tender. Therefore, for patients with anemia, eating apples can play a certain auxiliary therapeutic role. Apples can be eaten raw or roasted to treat anemia. Apple contains calcium and vitamin E, which has the effect of diuresis and beauty, and can help prevent aging.


4. Black tea is rich in proteins and sugars, with sweet and mild properties. Sweet and warm black tea can nourish the Yang of the human body, enhance the cold resistance of the human body, and have a good effect of generating heat and warming the stomach. If you add some honey, ginger, milk and so on, the cold expelling effect will be better, and it can also supplement some nutrients needed by all kinds of human body.


5. Old pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, which can promote human metabolic cycle, replenish middle Qi and enhance cold resistance. It is especially suitable for people with chills of nervous disorders and poor peripheral blood circulation caused by high work pressure and irregular life.


6. Carrots can increase cold resistance. The cold climate makes the human vitamin metabolism change obviously. Increasing intake of vitamin A and vitamin C can enhance cold tolerance and adaptability to cold, and have a good protective effect on blood vessels. Carrot contains a variety of carotenes, vitamins and trace elements, so it is called "civilian ginseng". In the dry season, eat some carrots and moisturize your skin.

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