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Four key points of health preservation for the elderly in summer

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summer health preservation is very important for our human body. After all, the heat in summer is easy to cause discomfort and health problems. Among them, one of the most important health preservation objects is the elderly. Their physical function is worse than that of young people, so they should pay more attention to health preservation. Next, let's go with Xiaobian to see the four key points of health preservation for the elderly in summer.


first: the diet of the elderly in summer is weaker than that of the young. In hot summer, many things are easy to rot and deteriorate, so the diet of the elderly needs special attention at this time.


the elderly should eat light meals three times a day in summer, and need to supplement enough water, such as green tea, fruit juice, boiled water and soybean milk. In addition, when taking vegetables, it is best to eat them raw, so as to ensure that the nutrients in the food are not destroyed to the greatest extent. Coarse grain and fine grain need to be matched with each other when taking, and meat and vegetables should also be matched with each other. In summer, the diet should focus on various vegetables, and then appropriately increase some meat food, eat on time and eat less raw and cold food.

in addition, the gastrointestinal digestion ability of the elderly is relatively poor, so the daily diet should focus on some easy to digest and nutritious food, and then appropriately add some fresh fruits and vegetables, or eat some porridge food. However, for some fried dough sticks, fat meat and heavy oil food, we should eat less to prevent summer fire.

second: the elderly exercise in summer. Summer is the season with the most vigorous central fire all year round. Therefore, it is very necessary to pay attention to daily rest, go to bed early and get up early. At the same time, it is necessary to take some appropriate exercise. In addition, the elderly should consciously control their respiratory rate or take deep breathing, which can improve their vital capacity, which plays a very important role in improving the blood supply to the brain and improving their physique.

at noon, the elderly should also take an appropriate lunch break, so as to maintain their energy. However, the weather is hot in summer. In order to achieve the effect of cooling, the pores in the human body belong to an expanded state. At this time, it is very easy for wind evil to invade, so the elderly should not sleep in the open air or under big trees.

in addition, although the elderly should take appropriate exercise, the exercise intensity should be well controlled. If they are the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, they must be accompanied by their family and carry drugs with them.

third: the psychology of the elderly in summer. The traditional Chinese medicine health care of the elderly in summer needs to pay special attention to meditation and health preservation. We need to do several things: first, we should be calm and calm when encountering things. Due to the hot weather, there is Yang Qi in the human body, which leads to our irritability.

the elderly must maintain a good state of mind in this environment and keep their mood in a calm state. Don't be too tired or too excited. A good state of mind can effectively protect their health.


should maintain indoor ventilation, because if indoor ventilation can well dissipate the summer heat, the human body will feel cool. At the same time, it can effectively clean the air and avoid air pollution; Finally, we should give the elderly enough rest time, because people's mood is directly linked to their sleep. If they don't get enough sleep, they are easy to become in a bad mood. Therefore, in summer, we should not only take health care in diet, but also pay special attention to sleep.

fourth: the elderly should protect themselves in summer. Don't stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time in summer. It's easy to suffer from air-conditioning disease. Especially when sleeping, don't always use the air conditioner or fan. In addition, there is more sweating in summer, so it is easy to have prickly heat or eczema. Therefore, we must pay attention to personal hygiene and keep the skin dry and clean, so as to do a good job of traditional Chinese medicine health care for the elderly in summer.


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