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Several acupoints dredge the whole body and massage in summer

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massage plays a very important role in the health preservation methods in summer. After massage, the veins of the whole body can be dredged to a certain extent, making the whole human body feel more comfortable. Therefore, if you don't have this item in your summer health activities, you can consider adding one more. After all, it's good for your health.


1. Lieke point: the effect of Lieke point on tonifying the lung and kidney also comes from its connection with Ren pulse. Ren pulse itself is "the sea of Yang pulse", which can tonify the yin deficiency of lung and kidney. Therefore, lacI points also follow the role of Ren meridian, which plays a good role in regulating diabetes, tinnitus and dry eye caused by deficiency of kidney yin. In addition, the head east caused by wind cold can also press this point.


position: two hands cross at the tiger's mouth. At this time, the index finger of the left hand is on the back of the right wrist, and the column missing point is under the tip of the index finger.

2. Neiguan point: Neiguan point has the functions of calming the heart, calming the mind, regulating qi and relieving pain. Therefore, it often becomes the first choice for traditional Chinese medicine to treat heart system diseases and gastrointestinal discomfort.

position: stretch out your arms and palm upward. Then clench your fist and lift your wrist. You can see that there are two tendons in the middle of your arm. The Neiguan point on the pericardial meridian is between two tendons two inches from the first horizontal line of your wrist.

3. Shenmen point: Shenmen point has a good effect on palpitation, panic and insomnia.


position: Shenmen point is located on the inner side of the wrist (palm side), and the little finger extends to the side where the wrist joint is connected with the palm. It is one of the points often used for acupuncture and moxibustion.

4. Chize point: the main function of this point is to reduce heat. Therefore, it is effective for cough, asthma, chest pain and other diseases caused by lung meridian heat. Chize point is close to the tendon of biceps brachii, and the function of biceps brachii is to bend the elbow. Therefore, this point can also alleviate and treat the spasm of elbow joint.


position: the palm is upward, and chize point is located in a thumb wide depression on the outside of the transverse line on the inner side of the elbow.

5. Tianshu point: Tianshu just corresponds to the intestine. Therefore, pressing and kneading this point will inevitably promote the benign peristalsis of the intestine and enhance the gastric power.

position: 2 inches next to the navel, in the same horizontal line with the navel, with one hole on the left and right.

6. Weizhong acupoint: Weizhong is an important acupoint for the treatment of low back diseases. Weizhong should adopt the method of putting it one by one, and cooperate with the flexion and extension of legs at the same time. This can not only cure low back pain, but also effectively relieve the numbness and pain of the legs, and has a good health care effect on some lower limb diseases.


position: when bending the leg, horizontal lines appear at the back of the knee joint, that is, the position of the fossa, and the midpoint of the horizontal lines is Weizhong point


. 7. Xuehai point: tonifying deficiency and nourishing the liver, it can not only dispel congestion, but also promote the generation of new blood. Therefore, it is called "Blood Sea".

position: sit on the chair and straighten your legs. There will be a depression on the inner side of your knee. There is a raised muscle above the depression. Touch it along this muscle, and the top is the blood sea hole.


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