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What is the cold day when the north wind is as sharp as a sword and the cloth is not covered

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in ancient China, there are many poems describing the scenery of the four seasons, from which we can also see the trace of the emergence of the twenty-four solar terms. For example, in Bai Juyi's famous poem "bitter cold in the village" in the Tang Dynasty, "the north wind is as sharp as a sword, and the cloth does not cover the body", which describes the rural scene in the cold season. Let's see what day the cold day is.


Q: which day is the great cold day, one of the twenty-four solar terms? A: the great cold day is around January 20 every year.

cold day is a common solar term among the people. It reflects the cold degree of the weather. The time is about January 20 every year. It is cold when the sun reaches 300 ° of the Yellow meridian. During this period, the cold wave went south frequently, which was the coldest period in most parts of China in a year. The wind was strong, the temperature was low, and the snow did not melt on the ground, showing a severe cold scene of ice, snow and cold.


in ancient China, the great cold was divided into three periods: "chicken milk; bird disease; water and strong abdomen." that is, when it comes to the solar term of great cold, you can hatch chickens. However, birds like hawks and falcons are in a state of strong predation ability. They hover in the air looking for food everywhere to supplement their body energy and resist the cold. In the last five days of the year, the ice in the water is frozen to the middle of the water, and is the strongest and thickest. Children can enjoy skating on the river. In addition, the flower and trade climate in the great cold is "one for Daphne odora, two for orchids and three for alum". It can also be used as an important sign to judge the severe cold.


cold days are also the standard days for calculating the sunshine time of buildings in China. According to relevant national specifications, the spacing between high-rise houses and various houses behind shall meet the requirement that the effective sunshine time of sheltered houses in cold days shall not be less than 2 hours; In the old area reconstruction project, the new residence shall meet the requirement that the effective sunshine time on a cold day shall not be less than 1 hour. The minimum distance between high-rise houses and various houses behind shall not be less than 30m.


take the cold day as the sunshine standard, which has a change process. At first, it was determined that the winter solstice was no less than two hours. Later, the relevant departments found that in some cities, it is difficult to meet this standard because of high latitude and dense urban buildings. Therefore, in the process of the latest standard revision, it was changed to take the cold day as the date to determine the sunshine time.


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