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Cold is just a word! Appreciation of cold pictures

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cold is the last of the 24 solar terms. The sun arrives at 300 ° of the Yellow meridian around January 20 every year. The ancient book "general examination of timing · Tianshi" quotes "three rites and righteousness sect": "the great cold is the middle, which is shaped in the small cold, so it is called great... The reverse pole of the cold is called great cold." then let's enjoy the landscape pictures of the great cold solar terms.


great cold is called great cold because it is the coldest time of the year. "The reverse of cold is extreme, so it is called great cold." nevertheless, the great cold is generally in the twelfth lunar month. After the great cold, there are more than ten days to celebrate the Spring Festival, and the beginning of spring is coming. The proverb says, "after the cold is the new year". Before and after the cold, people have begun to prepare new year goods and happily prepare for the new year.


means that the weather is extremely cold. At this time, the cold wave moves south frequently, which is the coldest period in most parts of China in a year. The wind is strong, the temperature is low, and the snow does not melt. It often presents a severe cold scene of ice, snow and cold. Bai Juyi said in his poem "bitter cold in the village" that "in December of the eighth year, it snowed one after another on the fifth day. All the bamboo and cypress froze to death, even if they had no clothes." it snowed for five consecutive days, and all the bamboo and cypress froze to death. It can be seen that the cold was very difficult in ancient times.


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usually think that the arrival of the great cold is the Spring Festival. Because the next solar term is the beginning of spring, it should be divided into another year. However, in fact, the beginning of spring often occurs in two situations, one is the beginning of spring before the year, and the other is the beginning of spring after the year. Therefore, it is generally believed that the great cold is the last solar term before the Spring Festival, so it is called the great cold welcoming the year.


in the north, although the cold weather is cold, people are busy getting rid of the old and decorating the new, pickling new year dishes, preparing new year goods and welcoming the most important festival of the Chinese people - the Spring Festival. There is a very important day - Laba, the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. On this day, people boil a pot of sweet and delicious Laba porridge with cereals, peanuts, chestnuts, red dates and lotus seeds. It is an indispensable staple food for people in the new year.


in the south, there was an old saying that "it is very cold, windproof and cold proof, drink ginseng and Astragalus wine early, and take Qiju Dihuang Pill late". There is a folk custom of cooking glutinous rice in tile pot on the great cold festival in Foshan, Guangdong. Glutinous rice tastes sweet and warm. It contains more sugar than ordinary rice. Eating it has the effect of resisting the cold and nourishing. The rich and noble people pay more attention to the diet in the cold. Due to the transition between the great cold and the beginning of spring, the amount of food for tonic in the great cold is gradually reduced, and more food with ascending and dispersing nature is added to adapt to the rise of all things in the spring in the future.


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