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7 safety precautions to pay attention to when traveling in cold season

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-08 1 0
With the arrival of the severe cold in the 24 solar terms of

, there will be strong wind, cooling and even snow in many areas, which will cause inconvenience to people's life. In such weather, people generally try to avoid going out, but if they really need to go out, safety is a concern. Now let's take a look at the precautions for travel in the cold season.


1. Fall prevention: it is recommended that people who usually ride electric vehicles and bicycles should choose walking or public transportation.

2. Smash prevention: in addition, due to heavy snowfall in some areas, trees are in danger of being overwhelmed. Pedestrians should stay away from trees and other high-rise buildings as far as possible to avoid being injured by collapse.

3. Theft prevention: due to the sudden increase of public transport pressure due to the heavy snow, we should be extra vigilant against criminals taking the opportunity to commit crimes. Before getting on the bus, we should carry the bag in our hands rather than hang it on our shoulders. Men should not put their mobile phone and wallet on their waist and trouser pocket. After getting on the bus, they should always pay attention to their financial safety, and be extra careful in case of intentional congestion, In case of any situation, call the steward or driver loudly and call the police.

4. Anti skid: wet and slippery roads are caused by rain and snow. Therefore, pay attention to travel safety to prevent accidental falls. It's better to step on the thick snow to avoid floating ice and ponding. Don't rub and walk because it's wet. It's easy to slip. It's the same reason with skating. Lift your feet as much as possible and step on it. In this way, the forward friction between the sole and the ground will be reduced, and the possibility of falling will be greatly reduced.

5. Collision avoidance: friends driving on slippery roads should drive carefully. On the one hand, they should keep the car distance and step on the brake in time. On the other hand, they should pay special attention to pedestrians on the road and be prepared to dodge. In addition to the above points, friends driving should keep the speed down when encountering uphill sections, and pull the hand brake in time in case of flameout.

6. Anti Fog: changes in the weather will inevitably affect flights. Friends who choose to fly outside should timely understand the dynamic information of Airport Flights, track the possible take-off time of the aircraft, so as not to miss the plane or be forced to stay at the airport, delay your journey, pay attention to the flight situation from time to time, and pay attention to replenishing physical energy while waiting.

7. Knock prevention: many "traps" on the road will be covered by snow. Therefore, be careful and pay attention to low-lying, well covers, nails on building materials, etc.


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