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Back to the south, there are drops of water every day. Is it moisture

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returns to the south, the home is wet everywhere, moldy walls are common, wet furniture is used to it, and sometimes moisture will form droplets or even drip on the ceiling. So why? Now let's understand the reason why there are water drops on the flower board in Huinan every day.


when returning to the South sky, the dripping water from the ceiling is formed by the condensation of water vapor in the air on the ceiling. The air in southern coastal areas is humid in spring, and the air contains a lot of water molecules. During this period, the temperature began to rise, but the building has thermal insulation, its indoor temperature generally will not rise synchronously with the temperature, and the temperature of indoor wall and floor slab is still low.


in this way, the water molecules in the air will condense when contacting the wall and floor slab with low temperature, form water droplets and adsorb them on the indoor wall and floor slab. When the water droplets condense to a certain extent, they will flow along the wall or drip from the floor slab due to the action of gravity. This is why the ceiling drips when the southern coastal areas return to the south.


what to do about the moldy wall and ceiling after returning to the south? 1. The door and window of returning to the south are not closed properly, and the humidity is too high: when the air humidity is close to saturation, the water vapor adheres and infiltrates the wall paint film surface for a long time, it is easy to induce mold on the paint film surface. 2. Check whether the external wall is cracked, which will also lead to mildew. 3. Check whether the upstairs residents have decoration. Once there is more water on the upstairs floor, it will seep down, and then lead to mildew. 4. Poor mildew resistance of coating: the materials used in decoration are not good. Due to the poor mildew resistance of the product, water vapor is easy to penetrate into the inner layer of the wall, resulting in mold breeding.


have encountered such a situation. How should we solve it? 1. Does it need to be treated with waterproof layer? This can also be brushed, but the project quantity is large and the cost is expensive. It is recommended to use waterproof putty powder with waterproof effect, and emulsion paint has the same effect. 2. Alternatively, the walls and ceilings shall be renovated after being removed as required, and attention shall be paid to the selection of high-quality building re brushing primer and finish paint.

back to the south to prevent wall moisture. 1. Close the window in the morning and evening to reduce moisture. 2. Use desiccant and other products to absorb moisture. 3. Use air conditioner and dehumidifier. 4. Timely check and remove water vapor on the wall.

return to Nantian wall for slight mold treatment 1. Wipe and paint the wall with mold killing water, 84 disinfectant or bleach solution (diluted to 5-10%), and wipe the mold spots quickly. The method is to use a rag to wipe it after it is easy to wring dry, or spray it after atomization with a small watering can. 2. After 24 hours, wipe it with clean water. Wipe it with a clean cloth dipped in clean water after wring it dry. If it is seriously moldy, wipe one more layer of solution. In order to avoid mildew again, attention should be paid to drying the wall thoroughly.

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