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Did the north go back to the south? The northerners are so happy

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-08 1 0

back to the south is the weather most disliked by many southern friends. It makes people crazy to deal with the wet world like a sponge full of water every spring. At this time, people admire the cold, cool and dry north. Does the North return to the south? Let's get to know.


in general, the northern region does not return to the southern sky. Huinan day is a kind of weather that often occurs in Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan and Hunan in South China. It usually refers to the phenomenon that the temperature begins to warm and the humidity begins to rise every spring.

South China belongs to a typical marine subtropical monsoon climate. Therefore, from March to April every year, when the south wind from the South China Sea with warm and humid air meets the cold air from the north to form a static front, the weather in South China is cloudy, sunny and very humid, with light rain or heavy fog.


however, some friends living in the northern coastal provinces pointed out that there will be heavy fog and humidity in the north in winter, but some places close to the sea also have a similar phenomenon of returning to the south in spring. At that time, the walls and floors will water out. In fact, this situation is very similar to the principle of sea fog, warm and humid ocean airflow, From the warmer sea surface to the cooler sea surface, the water vapor in the air condenses into fog droplets when it is cold, and accumulates in the air to form fog. If the temperature difference of the sea surface through which the air flow passes is large, the chance of fog formation is also large.

similarly, affected by the cold weather in winter, the inside and outside of the walls and floors are cold. If the warm and humid air flows through the walls and floors at this time, the water in the air condenses into droplets when it is cold and attaches to the walls and floors, it is like water seeping from the walls and floors. In summer, even if there is humid ocean air flow, the exterior and interior of the walls and floors are not cold enough, and the walls and floors will not water out.


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