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The main characteristics of huinantian are that you can understand huinantian after reading it

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is a common weather phenomenon in South China, Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan and other places in spring. It usually refers to the phenomenon that the temperature begins to warm up and the humidity begins to rise every spring, and the warm and wet air flow contacts the surface of cold objects to produce water droplets. So what are the main characteristics of huinantian? Let's get to know.


back to the South refers to the warm and humid air flow from the sea in the south from March to April every year, which leads to the rise of temperature and humidity. Southern China is a typical subtropical monsoon climate in China. Therefore, every March to April, the southern wind from the South China Sea brings warm and humid air to the cold air flow from the northern part of the Chinese mainland, forming a stationary front. The weather in Southern China is cloudy, sunny, uncertain and humid, with slight rain or fog. The main characteristics of


returning to the South sky are "wet" or "hot and humid". Food is easy to mildew and metamorphose. People feel muggy and feel sad physically and mentally. There are at least two conditions for the formation of Huinan sky: first, there must be a long period of low temperature, and the daily average weather is lower than 12 degrees Celsius for at least 3 days; Secondly, there should be sudden weather changes. After a long period of low temperature, it should suddenly become warm and wet. When the phenomenon of "returning to the South" occurs, the humidity is sometimes as high as 100%.

back to the south day dehumidification method: Method 1: Shop newspapers. Avoid opening doors and windows, and spread newspapers on the ground and tables.

method 2: dried pepper, artillery, brazier. There has always been a traditional moisture-proof practice among the people. One is to place dried pepper, which can absorb a certain amount of water, but we must always replace it with a new one; The other is to place reliable artillery, because there is sulfur in the artillery, which can not only dehumidify but also remove insects. However, experts remind that although the effect of "earthwork" is good, there are safety problems in items such as artillery, so it's better to be careful as much as possible. In addition, a pot of stove can be burned in the room to improve the indoor temperature, so that the water vapor can not condense, so as to reduce the indoor humidity.

method 3: light candles. Lighting candles can prevent water vapor from condensing, thus reducing indoor humidity. If there is a musty smell at home, you can choose candles containing natural plant aromatic essential oils. Such candles can not only dry the air, but also remove the musty smell in the room.

method 4: mop the floor with hot water and salt. This method can accelerate the volatilization of water. After dragging the floor, lay some waste cartons or newspapers at the door to reduce the water brought in by the sole.

method 5: use equipment. Use dehumidifier, air conditioner or heater. At present, dehumidification products on the market mainly include air conditioner, dehumidifier and heater. Generally, air conditioners used in families have dehumidification function.

method 6: blow the north wind. Open the doors and windows when the north wind blows. More than 80% of the southward days disappear due to the cold air moving southward. If the weather forecast says that when there is cold air going south, the local wind direction will turn to the north, you can rest assured to open the doors and windows for ventilation.

method 7: Lime moisture absorption. In small space areas such as toilets and bathrooms, quicklime can be wrapped in cloth bags to absorb moisture. You can also poke several holes in the bag of washing powder and absorb moisture with washing powder.


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