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There are three parts of "autumn frost" in frost season to say no!

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The "autumn freeze" of

and "spring covers autumn freeze" means that after autumn, do not add clothes immediately when the temperature drops slightly, but add clothes to keep warm step by step, a little "freeze" and "freeze" to exercise the body's cold resistance and enhance the ability to resist the cold. Professional doctors pointed out that although "autumn frost" has a certain reason, it is not suitable for the elderly, young, pregnant and physically weak people. There are three parts of the human body that can not be "frozen". Now we can know which three parts are through frost.


navel the navel must not be cold when the weather turns cold, because there is no fat under the navel and it is close to rich nerve endings and plexus, so it is particularly sensitive to external stimulation and is easy to be invaded by cold evil. Once the navel catches a cold, abdominal pain and diarrhea are inevitable. If it catches a cold for a long time, urinary system diseases are also easy to come to the door.


when the temperature is low, it is best to wear a hat when going out. When washing your hair, use a little hotter water than usual. When sweating on your forehead, you can't see the wind. This is because the head, as the "sink of all Yang" of the human body, is one of the most vigorous parts of Yang Qi in the whole body. If this place gets cold, most of the Yang Qi in the body will be lost. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients, people with warm limbs and people susceptible to wind cold should pay particular attention to keeping their heads warm. After the frost on the feet of


, people should wear slightly thicker, loose, comfortable and sweat absorbing shoes and socks, especially when exercising in the morning and evening. In short, we should avoid cold feet, because there are six important meridians in the feet. Once cold, it will cause colds, tracheitis, indigestion, insomnia and other diseases.


in addition to the head, feet and navel, other parts are properly "frozen in autumn", which is indeed good for avoiding cold evil into the body. But "autumn freeze" refers to letting the skin accept the "beating" and "exercise" of the external temperature. As for our internal organs, we can't "freeze in autumn". Therefore, from the perspective of protecting the spleen and stomach, people who like to eat cold noodles, fruits and cold drinks should pay attention to moderation. Otherwise, it will make the spleen and stomach in the virtual cold state miserable. Remind everyone that when the outdoor temperature drops to about 10 degrees Celsius in the morning and evening, the "autumn freeze" should be ended, otherwise it will not only prevent diseases, but also easily get sick.


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