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What to eat for health preservation in spring is inseparable from 8 major foods

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As the saying goes,

well, the plan of a year lies in spring. Spring is the season for all things to recover and flourish, and the human body function gradually recovers from the dormancy of cold winter. At this time, following the concept of "timely health preservation" of traditional Chinese medicine can help people enhance their physique and prevent diseases, so as to take care of their lives and prolong their lives. So let's learn what are the eight foods that are indispensable for health preservation in spring.


garlic has strong bactericidal power. According to the latest research, garlic also has a certain brain tonic effect. The reason is that garlic can enhance vitamin B1 and resist the harm of radioactive substances to human body. It should be noted that too much raw garlic can cause acute gastritis; It also affects the heart and kidney. We must pay attention to the following points: do not eat raw on an empty stomach and drink overheated soup and tea after eating; Eat less every other day, limited to 2-3 valves each time; Patients with liver, kidney and bladder diseases should be free from food during treatment; People with heart disease and habitual constipation should eat less; Do not eat with honey.


the content of vitamin C in onion is 10 times higher than that in apple and 2 times higher than that in citrus. Onion also contains allicin, which has a strong bactericidal effect. If 500 grams of scallion and 250 grams of garlic are used, chopped, boiled with 2000 grams of water, taken three times a day, one cup each time, it can prevent influenza; If you have stomachache, excessive gastric acid and indigestion, you can mash 4 green onion heads and transfer 200 grams of brown sugar, which is effective for several days.


yam yam is especially suitable for consumption in spring. It is rich in nutrition, can strengthen the spleen and replenish qi, and can prevent liver qi from damaging the spleen in spring; It can tonify the kidney and essence and enhance human resistance. If you cook rice into porridge, add sugar and steamed and mashed yam mud, and mix well, it can strengthen the spleen and lungs, nourish the kidney and essence, and strengthen the body. It is very suitable for the weak and sick and the middle-aged and elderly. If you add red dates to cook, the nourishing effect will be better.


jujube is sweet and flat, especially suitable for eating in spring. For people with weak body and poor appetite, they can eat more jujube rice at ordinary times: that is, rice is the main food, with red jujube, bright color, refreshing and sweet.


500 grams of leek. Leek contains 5-10 grams of protein, 5-30 grams of sugar, vitamin A20 mg, vitamin C89 mg, calcium 263 mg, phosphorus 212 mg and volatile oil. In addition, leek also contains anti biomass, which has the effects of seasoning and sterilization. As the saying goes, "leek tastes sweet in spring and stinks in summer". In spring, the climate is cold and warm, and Yang Qi needs to be maintained. Leeks are warm in nature, which is most suitable for human Yang Qi.


shepherd's purse tastes sweet and light, and is slightly cold. It can cool blood and stop bleeding, clear liver and eyes, clear heat and diuresis. For patients with hypertension and arteriosclerosis, use 60 grams of fresh shepherd's purse every day, add an appropriate amount of water, boil the pot, beat 3 eggs, eat eggs and drink soup, which can improve the symptoms of dizziness and headache.


Spinach the carotene content of spinach is comparable to that of carrots. If a person eats 50g spinach every day, its vitamin A can meet the normal needs of the human body; The content of vitamin C is more than twice that of tomatoes. If you have high blood pressure, constipation, headache and blush, you can wash fresh spinach, scald it in boiling water for three or five minutes, take it out and chop it up, and eat it with a little sesame oil and salt. It is very effective to eat it as a dish twice a day.

however, although spinach has good medicine and vegetables, it should not be eaten too much, because spinach contains oxalic acid. After oxalic acid enters the human body, it combines with the calcium contained in other foods to form a kind of insoluble calcium oxalate, which is not conducive to the normal absorption of calcium by the human body.


lettuce is rich in many vitamins, among which iron is rich. In addition, the nutritional composition of lettuce leaves is higher than that of lettuce, in which carotene is more than 100 times higher and vitamin C is 15 times higher. Therefore, they should not be discarded when eating to avoid waste.


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