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Tips for women who love beauty: tips on waking stings, health care and skin care

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During the

stinging season, the temperature rises, the rain gradually increases, and the air humidity gradually increases. For all things in the world, this is a vigorous growth season. For female friends who love beauty, it is still an inexhaustible skin care season change time. So what tips do you need to know about Jingzhe health care and skin care? Let's have a look.


the more attention should be paid to moisturizing in wet weather. When it comes to moisturizing skin in spring, some people may say that spring is wet, and they all feel wet. Do you want to moisturize? Many people think that in the weather with heavy air humidity, it is not necessary to moisturize the skin, but this is actually a misunderstanding, because people's skin will easily lose water in such weather. If you do not care at this time, the moisture of the skin is easy to dry up, which will have a great impact on the skin.


skin care experts say that because the weather is wet, people reduce the absorption of water, which will cause the loss of water in the human body. In wet weather, in order to keep dry, we will keep wiping the skin, so that the water on the skin surface is easier to evaporate. If we do not add moisture, the skin will be in a dual water shortage state inside and outside, and it is easier to lose water.


skin care is best to reduce the essence, the cream and the rain. When the rainy days continue, the thicker essence can also be omitted. In addition, for the isolation cream that many women like, the isolation cream can block the dirt in the air, but the air quality will be relatively good when it rains. If there are no special circumstances, it is not necessary to use the isolation cream, which may increase the burden on the skin.

don't use cleansing products excessively in rainy days. In rainy days, women who love beauty only need to clean their faces sooner or later. Even if their faces feel wet and greasy, they don't need to use cleansing products too often. For example, people with oily skin can use a slightly stronger cleansing product in rainy days, while people with dry skin can use a softer cleansing product. In addition, the best cleansing water is warm water. First, it is good for the skin, and second, the cleaning power of warm water is also relatively strong. The rainy days of


are more frequent. Therefore, the cream and moisturizing spray can be omitted. The lotion and cream for external use can also be selected. The normal weather is better than using the cream, because the emulsion is thinner than the frost. But now many skin creams are not viscous, so you don't have to stick to the words "cream" and "milk". It must be important to adhere to the inherent makeup and skin care procedures, but you can also make appropriate changes when it continues to rain. In case of rainy days during


stinging season, female friends should remember one principle for skin care: properly "ventilate" the skin, and do not have to do moisturizing and hydrating work too often. Cosmetics are mainly used with good air permeability and non viscous.

don't forget to do sunscreen on cloudy days. On cloudy days, sunscreen seems to be left behind. But in fact, sunscreen on cloudy days is also very important. Simply put, there is also ultraviolet light in cloudy days. UVB in ultraviolet light is easy to prevent, which can be blocked by clothing, house glass, etc; UVA is more troublesome and can enter the room directly through the glass, so don't say you don't need sunscreen when sitting indoors on cloudy days, you still have to use sunscreen.


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