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What time is the beginning of autumn in 2017

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  "Wutong leaves fall, the world knows autumn", after autumn, summer heat to cool, in agricultural production, at this time, all kinds of crops grow vigorously, water requirements are very urgent, is need to focus on preventing crops drought time. Then let the 24 solar terms introduce you to the beginning of autumn in 2017.


Q: what month, what time is the beginning of autumn in 2017? A: at 15:39:58 on August 7, 2017, it was the 16th day of June (small) of the lunar calendar.

the beginning of autumn is the 13th of the 24 solar terms, which is around the first day of July of the lunar calendar (August 7-9 of the Gregorian calendar). The beginning of autumn means that the heat goes to cool, and it also means the beginning of autumn. It is the first solar term in autumn. "Beginning of autumn" has arrived, but it does not mean that the weather will immediately enter the autumn mode.


divide the climate seasons according to the "average temperature", that is, the local average temperature for 5 consecutive days is below 22 degrees Celsius, which is the real autumn season. China has a vast territory. Although the climate varies from place to place, most areas have not yet entered the autumn climate at this time. Moreover, the last day of the hot dog days every year is still the third day after the beginning of autumn. Especially in the south of China, it is still summer and summer in this solar term. At the same time, because the rainy season in Taiwan is gradually gone and the temperature is hotter, traditional Chinese medicine calls the period from the beginning of autumn to before the autumnal equinox "long summer".


usually, the earliest autumn in China, Heilongjiang and Northern Xinjiang, will not enter autumn until the middle of August. In general years, the autumn wind in the capital Beijing starts in early September, the autumn wind in the Qinhuai area starts in the middle of September, and the autumn wind blows to the front lines of Lishui, Jiangxi Nanchang and Hengyang, Hunan in early October. The autumn information will not reach Leizhou Peninsula until the first and middle of November, When autumn's footsteps reach the "ends of the earth" in Hainan Ya county, it is almost new year's day.


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