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Don't despise autumn tiger's health preservation. Six tips to deal with it skillfully

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after the beginning of autumn, the weather will not turn cold immediately. People will also face the attack of autumn tigers. Although the temperature difference between day and night becomes larger, it is still very hot during the day, and even the summer heat is more pressing. Therefore, heatstroke prevention and cooling should continue without any neglect, and people should not be eager to stick autumn fat on their diet. So let's learn about the six tips of autumn tiger health.


1. Heatstroke prevention and cooling should continue. First, heat clearing and heat relieving foods should not be removed from the table at once. Generally speaking, this kind of diet can prevent heatstroke, sweat and rehydration, and improve appetite. Therefore, it is beneficial to drink mung bean soup, or eat lotus seed porridge and mint porridge. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, which can not only meet the nutrition needs of the human body, but also supplement the potassium lost through perspiration.

followed by cold diet should be reduced. After a long summer, people's physical consumption is very large, especially some elderly people, most of whom have weak spleen and stomach. Therefore, when choosing food, they should not be too cold. Third, dietary nutrition should be strengthened. You can't make your diet too light just for the sake of clearing away heat. In fact, at the beginning of autumn, meat can be eaten properly. There are many foods, such as duck, loach, fish, lean pork and seafood, which can not only clear the summer heat, but also supplement the benefits, and can be eaten at ease.

2. Don't hurry to stick autumn fat. When it comes to the custom of beginning autumn, I have to mention "sticking autumn fat". Nourishing yang in spring and summer, Yin in autumn and winter and proper tonic in autumn are the best time to restore and regulate the functions of various organs of the human body. However, the temperature before and after the beginning of autumn is still high. At this time, it is easy to get angry by eating hot foods such as dog meat to "stick autumn fat". It is still suitable for eating cool foods such as duck, fish, yam and Lily to moisten dryness.

while moistening dryness, we should also pay attention to clearing heat and dampness. This is because the beginning of autumn is in the transitional period of alternating summer and autumn. On the one hand, autumn is dry, and on the other hand, summer heat and dampness may accumulate in the body. Therefore, spicy cold food and greasy, hot and dry food should be eaten less.

3. Keep enough sleep. In summer, the days are long and the nights are short, the temperature is high, the human metabolism is vigorous, the consumption is also large, and it is easy to feel tired. Adequate sleep can relax the brain and body systems, which is not only conducive to work and study, but also a measure to prevent heatstroke.

it's best not to sleep more than 23:00 in summer and 22:30 in autumn. Because the Yin and Yang in people's body are originally very balanced. The damage to the body caused by fatigue during the day needs to be self repaired in the sleep at night. For example, some small problems can recover themselves. If sleep is not guaranteed at night, the immune mechanism of the human body will be disrupted, and minor diseases will become serious diseases if they are not repaired. Therefore, young people should ensure at least 7 hours of sleep every night and the elderly at least 6 hours.

4. Storing Yin and nourishing lung to prevent autumn dryness, moistening lung and nourishing lung has become the focus of preventing autumn dryness. For strong people, people with lung dryness can drink more herbal tea. To prevent autumn dryness, you can drink some soup with lily, snow fungus, raw land, cooked land and other materials to moisten and nourish the lung, such as cooking some sunflower lean meat soup, Chuanbei lean meat soup, white gourd, mung bean soup, Chuanbei Sydney stewed rock sugar, cabbage stewed pig lung, North and South apricot Chuanbei stewed lean meat, etc. you can drink more in autumn.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that moistening method is often used to relieve autumn dryness. According to the principle of five elements and five colors, we should eat more white food in autumn, such as boiled white gourd soup, lotus root soup, white radish and peanut soup, Chinese cabbage soup, white pear and tremella soup, etc; In terms of fruit, you can choose white pear, watermelon, banana, apple, Hami melon, etc; In addition, Zhang Zhongjing proposed that "don't eat lung in autumn". It's better not to eat pig lung, cow lung and sheep lung in autumn. In the autumn, Baijiu should not be drunk as much as possible, so as to avoid dryness and dryness.

5. Beware of "air conditioning disease" after autumn. After the beginning of autumn, the air conditioning in the office is still the same, but people are prone to air conditioning disease while enjoying the cool breeze. Especially after the beginning of autumn, the weather is cooler in the morning and evening. If you don't pay attention, you will have symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, cold, waist and shoulder pain.


after the beginning of autumn, the weather is cooler in the morning and evening, and the opening time of the air conditioner is not easy to be too long. It is best not to turn on or only turn on dehumidification at night. In this way, it can not only cool down and dispel summer heat, but also prevent air-conditioning diseases. Second, people in air-conditioned environment often drink ginger tea. If you are weak, you can prepare a coat to "avoid the cold" in the office.

6. Exercise is best in the afternoon. Many people like to exercise in the park in the morning. Experts say that after the beginning of autumn, the temperature is low in the morning and evening, and the elderly take part in exercise too early, which is not conducive to their health. After autumn, citizens can choose to exercise in the afternoon. At this time, the temperature is high and people's motor central nervous system is more active. At this time, appropriate exercise is very beneficial to human health. Citizens can choose fast walking, jogging and swimming, which can enhance blood circulation, improve cardiopulmonary function and reduce cerebral arteriosclerosis, so as to effectively stimulate metabolism and increase energy consumption. It is better to exercise for about 1 hour every day.

in addition, from summer to autumn, people will also change in spirit and emotion. Some people will be sulky, resulting in the imbalance of yin and Yang, insufficient food and poor sleep. Experts said that from clinical experience, more women than men have "seasonal diseases", because women are vulnerable to emotional factors. Experts said that citizens should actively adjust their emotions, maintain an ordinary mind, and enjoy themselves by traveling and making friends.

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