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Eat a pear to protect your health. It will keep you in good spirits for a year

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stinging season, it is warm and cold at first, and the climate is relatively dry. It is easy to make the population dry tongue and cough. While paying attention to the light diet, don't forget the folk proverb "waking up to eat a pear is the spirit of a year". Then let's understand the origin of waking up to eat pears and the effect of waking up to eat pears.


raw pears are cold and sweet in nature, and have the effects of moistening the lungs, relieving cough, nourishing yin and clearing heat. People always have the custom of startling insects to eat pears. There are many ways to eat pears, such as raw food, steaming, juicing, baking or boiling water. In particular, steamed pears with rock sugar have a good effect on cough, and they are easy to make. You might as well eat them as dessert at ordinary times.


it is said that there are many biological categories in ancient times, and some infectious diseases do not have 100% specific drugs. On the day of waking insects, eating pears is a reminder to be careful and prevent them. 2. There is a popular proverb in Shaanxi, Shanxi and Northern Jiangsu that "waking a snake and eating a pear will keep the spirit all year". On this day, the whole family will eat pears. 3. In ancient times, those who went west also took the homonym of "leaving", which mostly meant "starting a business away from home". Later, people in Shanxi ate pears on the day of waking insects, and also had the idea of "striving to honor their ancestors". Some eating methods of


pears: 1. Juicing and eating: take raw pears, remove the core and skin, take a cup of about 400ml after juicing, add 10g rock sugar and 1 pangdahai, and take them after boiling. It has the effects of moistening the lungs, generating fluid, promoting pharynx and opening sound; Juice the raw pear and lotus root together and drink it with honey. It has the effects of strengthening the spleen, clearing the heart and moistening the lungs. 2. Consumption after steaming: 1 raw pear, 3 grams of Fritillaria thunbergii and 10 grams of rock sugar. After removing the core of the pear, grind 3 grams of Fritillaria thunbergii into fine powder and 10 grams of rock sugar into the pear, steam it in a steamer for 45 minutes, and then take it out for consumption. It has a stronger power of moistening the lung, relieving cough and resolving phlegm. 3. Boiled water consumption: after slicing, cook it with rock sugar, Fritillaria thunbergii and Tremella fuciformis, which has the effect of strengthening spleen, moistening lung and relieving cough.

in addition, cough patients can also eat lotus seeds, loquat, Siraitia grosvenorii and other foods to relieve pain. Other common foods suitable for spring health and with the effect of moistening lung and spleen include loquat, lily, tremella, lotus root, yam, jujube, etc. the drugs include Radix Adenophorae, Ophiopogon japonicus, polygonatum odoratum, polygonatum, etc. when their physique is appropriate, Eating the above medicine and food in spring will be very good for health. It's best not to eat greasy food. You should also eat less irritating food, such as pepper, scallion, garlic and pepper.


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