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Health knowledge of children in dog days: how to deal with common diseases

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dog days are the hottest time of the year. The heat and dampness are fierce. Adults are likely to be recruited. The middle-aged and elderly and children with weak physique should be more careful. So how should children deal with common diseases such as heatstroke and diarrhea in dog days? Let's listen to the doctor's explanation of children's health care in dog days.


heatstroke in hot weather, the most common disease is heatstroke, especially in dog days. There are many reasons for baby heatstroke, such as direct exposure to the sun, or staying in a room with high temperature, muggy and poor ventilation, or in a stuffy and crowded crowd. Heatstroke is generally manifested as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, palpitation, sweating, fever, fatigue, burning skin, diarrhea, chest tightness and irritability. In severe cases, there will be symptoms such as fainting and spasm.

daily living rooms should pay attention to opening windows for ventilation, and use electric fans or air conditioners to reduce room temperature. Wear loose and breathable clothes for children. When taking the baby out, you should avoid the hot sun. You'd better not go out two hours before and after noon and wear a sun hat when going out. Parents should not wait until the baby is thirsty before drinking water. They can give the baby some seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables.


diarrhea. With high temperature and high humidity, food is prone to corruption and deterioration. In addition, some babies eat cold drinks, which are easy to cause diarrhea. Generally, they have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever, and even dehydration, electrolyte disorder and shock.


to prevent diarrhea in summer, the key is to prevent "diseases from entering through the mouth" -- pay attention to environmental hygiene and baby's hand and diet hygiene. The water for the baby should be boiled, the food should be cooked thoroughly, and the food taken out of the refrigerator must be hot thoroughly. In addition, if the baby lacks vitamin A, it will also cause low immunity, cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, and then affect the digestion and absorption of vitamin A and carotene, which will eventually lead to more serious vitamin A deficiency, and even affect the baby's skin and eye health. Therefore, parents should pay attention to supplement vitamin A to their baby.

respiratory tract infection high temperature and strong humidity in dog days can easily promote bacterial growth and reproduction. The baby's temperature regulation center, skin heat dissipation and thermal insulation regulation functions are poor, especially when taking the baby from outdoor to indoor. If the air conditioner makes the temperature too low, resulting in too large indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the baby is prone to respiratory tract infections such as cold or cough. Parents should try not to take their children to public places with many people and bad air. At the same time, they should control the indoor temperature and pay attention to supplementing their baby with vitamins A and D.


dehydration heat "dehydration heat" simply means the lack of water in the human body, especially for babies. The temperature is high in the three volt weather. The baby is easy to discharge a lot of sweat and needs more water than in other seasons. Water is the main component of human tissue, which is more important for babies. According to the measurement, every time the body temperature rises by 1 ℃, the water in the body will evaporate by 10%. At this time, if you do not replenish water to your baby in time, dehydration and fever will occur, and even heatstroke in severe cases.


feed more water: the baby sweating a lot, fidgety and even dry stool are signs of dehydration. Timely water replenishment is the best way to prevent dehydration, and boiled water similar to body temperature is the best choice. Avoid high temperature periods when going out: the baby plays outside when it is cool every morning and evening. When it is particularly hot at noon, don't take the baby out to play. Porridge: give your baby more light food, such as lotus leaf porridge and mung bean soup, which can prevent dehydration.


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