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Wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine: what are the effects of Sanfu patch

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enters dog days, and many people who stick dog stickers are often welcomed in major TCM clinics. People hope to "treat winter diseases in summer" and physiotherapy some chronic diseases in the body at the time of the most vigorous Yang in the year. So what is the effect of this long-standing three Fu paste, which condenses the wisdom of ancient traditional Chinese medicine? Let's get to know.


, 三伏贴的功效有哪些,


the so-called three Fu patches are a way of "treating winter diseases in summer" in traditional Chinese medicine. According to the principle of "nourishing yang in spring and summer" in the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, taking advantage of the favorable opportunity of high temperature in summer, abundant Yang and vigorous Qi and blood in the meridians on the body surface, we can adjust the balance of yin and Yang by taking some prescriptions orally or externally, The practice of recovering from some chronic diseases.


three Fu plaster is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment method. Combined with acupuncture, meridians and traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine is directly applied to the acupoints to produce micro area chemical and thermal stimulation to the acupoints through traditional Chinese medicine, so as to achieve the effect of disease treatment and Prevention. Choose the hottest dog days of the year (this period is the time when the human body's Yang Qi is the most prosperous), and stick Xinwen Quhan drugs on different acupoints on the back for treatment, which can reduce the symptoms of winter onset. "Treating winter diseases in summer" three Fu stickers reflect the overall concept of coordination between man and nature in traditional Chinese medicine and the concept of paying attention to disease prevention.


three Fu plaster can dredge the meridians, regulate qi and blood, broaden the chest and reduce Qi, strengthen the spleen and stomach, stimulate Yang Qi, regulate the lung and spleen function of the human body, and continuously enhance the immune function of the body, so as to achieve the effect of Invigorating Yang Qi, promoting blood circulation, eliminating cold evil and improving the external health function.


diseases rarely occur in summer, but their permanent roots often exist in the body. "Summer treatment" is to select the hot season in summer and use appropriate drugs for treatment. In summer, the natural Yang Qi is strong and the human Yang Qi floats. At this time, the use of Yang medicine for those with Yang deficiency can better play the role of supporting yang and dispelling cold, supporting healthy qi and removing the root causes of winter diseases, and store Yang Qi for autumn and winter. If Yang Qi is sufficient, it is not easy to be injured by severe cold in winter.

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