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Health knowledge lecture: how to stick autumn fat for the elderly

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In the midsummer of

, the human body is in the stage of excessive consumption, and it is not easy to look forward to the beginning of autumn. At the beginning, there are still autumn tigers. Although it is cold in the morning and evening, the heat is still hot in the daytime, especially at noon. The human body is still prone to fatigue and fatigue. Therefore, people are used to taking appropriate tonics at this time to restore and adjust the functions of various organs of the human body, That is commonly known as sticking autumn fat. So how do old friends stick autumn fat? Let's get to know.


after the beginning of autumn, people often feel dry in the mouth, nose, skin and other parts to varying degrees. At this time, it is easy for the virus to take advantage of the weak. Therefore, autumn is also the peak season for colds. Some quick grams can be prepared at home to prevent or treat colds. In terms of diet, special attention should be paid to regular and quantitative, moistening dryness and strengthening the body, but the tonic varies from person to person, especially the elderly should be careful to stick autumn fat.

I. choose the right diet in autumn. The weather gradually turns cool and the feeling of dryness in autumn is very obvious. Some warm foods or drugs such as mutton, dog meat, ginseng, pilose antler and cinnamon should not be eaten too much. We should eat more foods that moisten the lungs and generate fluid, such as lily, lotus seed, yam, lotus root, tomato and so on.

2. Eating more meat does not necessarily supplement meat. Meat is not only highly nutritious, but also delicious, but meat is not easy to digest and absorb. If you eat more for a long time, it is often overburdened for the elderly whose gastrointestinal function has decreased. Excessive lipids and sugars are often the causes of common and frequently occurring diseases in the elderly such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer. A light diet is not without supplements, especially vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a variety of vitamins and trace elements, which are essential nutrients for the human body.

3. Don't superstitious about the saying "take more tonics, treat diseases, and strengthen the body without diseases". Especially the elderly advocate this practice. In fact, excessive tonics are harmful. For example, taking too many ginseng and antler tonics can also cause abdominal distention and don't think about diet; Taking too much vitamin C can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

IV. it is not suitable to supplement a certain kind of tonic for a long time. Drugs and food not only have health care and therapeutic effects, but also have certain side effects. Taking more than one tonic for a long time will affect the nutritional balance in the body, especially the elderly. Not only the functions of various organs are reduced to varying degrees, they need to be adjusted comprehensively and systematically, but also in different seasons, There are also different needs for health drugs and food.


v. not necessarily, the high price must be good. All food therapy has certain objects and indications. "What is missing, what is needed" is the most important. Don't divide the high and low according to the high and low. Maybe those noble foods such as bird's nest and shark's fin don't have strange therapeutic effects, but the effects of very ordinary sweet potatoes and onions are much better. Especially for the elderly, we should take practicality and low price as the nourishing principle.

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