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Pay attention to four things for health preservation in early autumn. Be healthy and happy in autumn

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in the beginning of autumn, it is the weather from hot to cold that the Yang of the human body gradually converges and begins to enter a stage of "raising and collecting". In traditional Chinese medicine, people need to pay attention to adjustment in four aspects: mood, diet, work and rest and exercise. Then let health experts tell you what to pay attention to in early autumn.


the mood should be peaceful. According to the natural law, the Yin Qi increases and the Yang Qi decreases in autumn, and the Yang Qi of the corresponding human body also retracts. Under the principle of "harvest" of the autumn Lord, the mood should slowly converge, and everything should not be restless, excited, timid and depressed. "The mind should be clear and clear, and the sex should keep quiet". In the change of seasons, maintain the stability of the mind, and pay attention to the adjustment of the body, mind and breath, so as to maintain vitality. The diet of


should be clear and tonic. Although the weather gradually turns cool in the morning and evening after autumn, the power of "autumn tiger" is great, and tonic should be "clear and tonic". It is appropriate to eat some foods with the effects of strengthening the spleen, clearing away heat and diuresis. On the one hand, it can discharge the evil of damp heat from urine; On the other hand, it can regulate the function of spleen and stomach and lay the foundation for tonic in mid and late autumn and even winter. "Qingbu" should avoid spicy, fat, greasy, phlegm generating and moisture helping foods, but it is not a taboo meat food.

go to bed early and then get up early. The first thing to adjust for health preservation in autumn is the sleep time. It is better to go to bed early and get up early. Lie down early in order to comply with the collection of Yin essence and maintain "collection" Qi. Get up early to adapt to the relaxation of Yang Qi and stretch lung qi, which is of great benefit to the prevention of respiratory diseases in autumn. Getting up early can also reduce the chance of thrombosis, which is also of great significance for the prevention of thrombosis.

exercise should be moderate. Autumn is a good season for exercise, but raising "harvest" in autumn is not suitable for sports with large amount of exercise, especially the elderly, children and people with weak physique. At this time, because the Yin essence and Yang Qi of the human body are in the stage of convergence and internal cultivation, it is appropriate to choose an easy and gentle project with little activity. Proper exercise, that is, when the whole body is slightly hot and has not sweated, it can be stopped. At this time, it can ensure the introversion of Yin essence and prevent the external consumption of Yang Qi.


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