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Tonifying winter focuses on Tonifying Qi. Nutrition experts teach you to eat

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the ancients said, "winter is the end, and all things are collected". Before and after the beginning of winter, people everywhere popular "winter supplement" to enhance physique, improve resistance and cope with the cold winter. In all aspects of tonifying winter, we can start with Tonifying Qi. Only by Tonifying Qi, people can better resist the cold and spend the cold winter healthily. So how to replenish qi in winter? Let a nutritionist teach you how to eat.


palpitations and disordered heartbeat. When eating a bowl of spring noodles in winter, many elderly people often have the symptoms of palpitations and shortness of breath. If they feel a little cold, they will be terrified. This is because the climate in winter is dry, the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is also large. If they don't pay attention, the human spleen and stomach are easy to be attacked by cold, Resulting in deficiency of Yang Qi and abnormal spleen function.

and the spleen controls the operation of Qi and blood. The spleen function is abnormal. The poor circulation of water and fluid in the body forms phlegm, and the poor operation of Qi and blood forms blood stasis. Phlegm and blood stasis lead to the obstruction of meridians, resulting in the lack of Yang in the heart, and the poor operation of Qi and blood in the heart induces palpitation. Therefore, invigorating the spleen and resolving phlegm, invigorating qi and activating blood circulation have become our principle of regulating palpitations. Eating a bowl of spring noodles will be a good method.


spring noodles are composed of more than ten kinds of raw materials, such as noodles, mutton, sheep belly lung, egg pancake, ginger, mushrooms, Polygonum sprouts, rouge and so on. According to the new herbal medicine, it can "tonify asthenia and fatigue, replenish qi, strengthen Yang, appetizer and strengthen strength". It can not only strengthen Yang, but also appetizer and eliminate fatigue. The tripe in medicated diet is mainly used to maintain the spleen and stomach and nourish the weak body. Eggs have the effects of nourishing the heart, calming the mind and replenishing blood. They are often used to treat palpitations, restlessness and insomnia. Mushrooms can regulate qi and blood and maintain the spleen and stomach. The recipes


are very suitable for people with palpitations caused by weak temper. I believe that in the cold winter, a spring dish of noodles can not only nourish the body, but also make people remember the taste.


do not worry about physical deficiency and fatigue. After tonifying qi and eating ginseng porridge, the weather is gradually cold, and people rarely go out to participate in activities, but some people often feel weak and weak. People with such symptoms should pay attention to that it may be fatigue caused by weakness of temper and blood. The spleen governs the muscles of the human body and is the source of blood and Qi of the human body. It is also closely related to the digestive function of the human body. At the same time, temper can control the popularity of blood, prevent it from overflowing beyond the vessels, and let the blood and Qi of the human body run normally. If the spleen is weak, people will have the symptoms of general weakness and mental malaise.


in winter, people stay in the house for a long time, or their diet is unreasonable, their work and leisure are uncoordinated, and their temper can not run normally, which may cause spleen deficiency and fatigue. Women who are seriously ill, chronically ill or after giving birth to a child will also have the symptoms of spleen deficiency and weakness. Since the weakness is caused by spleen deficiency, how to raise the spleen well? Winter diet is very important, among which the classic spleen nourishing porridge - ginseng porridge can be tried. Ginseng is known as the "king of herbs" and is a top-grade food to replenish qi and blood. Ginseng porridge can greatly replenish vitality, regulate human Qi and blood, and change the symptoms of weak Qi and blood and weakness of the whole body. The


cough and wheeze constantly due to lung deficiency. The delicious food is ginseng eel soup. It's cold, There are more and more patients with cough and asthma. The weakness of lung qi is a major factor causing cough and asthma, because the lung is a canopy, that is, the lung ranks the highest in the body cavity and viscera, and plays a role in covering and protecting other viscera against external pathogens. It dominates the breathing of the human body. The nose is connected with the throat and is connected with the lung, which is connected with nature through the skin, and its ventilation is related to the lung.


because of the cold weather in winter, exogenous wind cold is easy to invade the fur, and then hurt the lungs and hinder the normal allocation of lung function. If the lung qi is insufficient, the allocation function is maladjusted, the vitality in the chest is insufficient, and the breathing is uncoordinated, there are symptoms such as poor breathing, cough, asthma and so on. At the same time, traditional Chinese medicine believes that cough and asthma is not only related to the lung, but also the kidney is the congenital foundation of the human body. In addition to storing essence and managing the growth, development and reproduction of people, the kidney also has the function of maintaining the normal respiration of the human body.

in the five elements, the lung belongs to gold, the kidney belongs to water, and gold and water coexist. Usually the breath is mainly in the lung, but its root is in the kidney. When the kidney qi is full, the Lung Qi will be sufficient, and the lung breathing can maintain a certain depth. On the contrary, if the kidney qi is insufficient, the depth of human breathing can not be maintained, or the lung qi is weak and can not be regulated, the kidney will be affected over a long time, resulting in the weakness of kidney qi, which can not help the lung breathe, and fresh air can not be inhaled into the body, Dirty exhaust gas cannot be excluded from the body and remains in the chest, which will also produce symptoms of cough and asthma.

therefore, in the prevention and treatment of cough and asthma in winter, we should not only nourish the lung, but also nourish the kidney. Guishen eel soup can replenish qi and blood. It is suitable for people with insufficient Qi and blood, sallow complexion, fatigue, or qi and blood deficiency after illness and postpartum. It is very suitable for patients with cough and asthma in winter.


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