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What kind of tea do you drink for health preservation during the winter solstice

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  Solar term health preservation is an immortal topic. In winter, when the weather is cold and the body's immunity drops, people will eat some tonic food to warm the body and improve their resistance. Well, in addition to some tonic food, we can also drink some tea to warm our body and stomach. Now let's introduce some health tea suitable for the winter solstice.


Jiangsu tea set has a good effect on dispelling wind cold and has a good effect on the stomach. If you have a cold or stomach ache or distension in winter, taking some ginger tea can restore your health.

Pu'er tea Pu'er tea not only has the health preservation function of green tea, but also has the function of warming the stomach of black tea. Moreover, Pu'er tea contains very little theophylline, which is not easy to cause insomnia after drinking. At an appropriate concentration, drinking peaceful Pu'er tea does not have a stimulating effect on the intestines and stomach. It is sticky, sweet and slippery. What to eat in the winter solstice: the mellow Pu'er tea enters the human intestines and stomach, and the membrane formed is attached to the surface of the stomach, which has a beneficial protective layer for the stomach. After drinking Pu'er tea for a long time, it can protect, and nourish the stomach.

barley tea barley tea belongs to a kind of grain tea. The new quality is very mild. Barley tea is rich in balanced vitamins and has a good repair effect on gastric mucosa, and there is no pricking mechanism.


, black buckwheat tea, and diabetes can also drink a stomach nourishing tea. It can soften blood vessels and prevent arteriosclerosis and other diseases. Of course, it can also promote gastric digestion and absorption.

flower tea flower tea can not only nourish the stomach, but also remove bad breath. It is your fragrant smell from inside to outside. The most commendable thing is that flower tea is very beautiful. If you taste it carefully, you will feel very good.


black tea are more nourishing to the stomach than green tea. They are suitable for matching with Niunai. Niunai black tea is also a must for British afternoon tea. It tastes smooth and can be eaten with small biscuits to satisfy hunger.

red jujube tea red jujube has a good maintenance effect on the stomach. The dried red jujube tea tastes sweet and is suitable for friends who are not used to ordinary slightly bitter tea. In addition, drinking red jujube tea often can also play the effect of beauty and beauty, and will make their face better and better.

Eucommia ulmoides tea 12 grams of Eucommia ulmoides leaves and 3 grams of black tea. Cut up the Eucommia ulmoides leaves, put them into a tea cup with black tea, and brew with boiling water for 10 minutes. It has the effects of Tonifying the liver and kidney and strengthening muscles and bones. It has a certain therapeutic effect on frequent micturition, urgent micturition, low back and knee pain, hypertension and heart disease caused by deficiency of liver and kidney yang.

walnut honey tea 10 grams of walnut kernel, mash into fine powder, add 15 grams of black tea, brew with boiling water, and add an appropriate amount of honey when drinking. This tea can warm the kidney and help Yang, improve liver and kidney yang deficiency and Qi and blood deficiency.

dried ginger and medlar tea 10g dried ginger and medlar respectively. Add 500ml water and boil for 10 minutes. Match with several chrysanthemums to avoid getting angry. It is used for adjuvant treatment of chills, cold limbs, soreness and pain of waist and knee, fatigue and fatigue caused by deficiency of kidney yang.

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