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What do middle-aged and elderly people eat for frost health preservation

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

there has always been a saying among Chinese people that "it is better to make up for the frost than to make up for the winter". In the frost season, every household begins to eat tonics and often eats some sweet and fat meat meals, such as cattle, mutton, chicken and duck. However, for the middle-aged and elderly, it may be suitable for a lighter and milder diet. Then today's old yellow calendar will recommend it for you, What do middle-aged and elderly people eat for frost health preservation.


lily barley kidney bean porridge materials: 50g barley, 50g rice, 15g lily, 50g red kidney bean, 2000g water and 4 teaspoons honey. Practice: boil water, add red kidney beans, and then simmer for about half an hour; After the red kidney bean is crisp and rotten, add the washed lily, job's tears and rice, and cook until the job's tears are hot and rotten; After boiling, open the lid and put it for a while. Add honey and mix well. Serve out of the pot.

ginkgo radish porridge material: 6 ginkgo, 100g white radish, 100g glutinous rice and 50g white sugar. Practice: wash and shred the radish, blanch it in hot water and set aside. First wash the ginkgo and cook it with the glutinous rice. When the rice blooms, pour in white sugar and simmer for another 10 minutes. Mix in shredded radish and serve out of the pot.

steamed soft shelled turtle materials: soft shelled turtle, chicken essence, cooking wine, green onion, ginger slices, ginger powder, salt. Practice: after slaughtering the turtle, cut off the head and claw tips and wash them. Put some scallion and ginger in the belly of turtle, put salt, scallion and ginger on turtle, and then pour cooking wine. After boiling, steam for about 40 minutes until soft and rotten.

lotus seed Lily red bean sand material: 500g red bean, 30g white lotus seed, 10g lily, appropriate amount of orange peel and about 500g rock sugar. Method: first wash the red beans, lotus seeds and lilies, and soak them in water for two hours; Boil water, put red beans (and bean soaking water) as well as orange peel, lotus seeds and Lily into the pot; After boiling, cook over medium and low heat for two hours, and finally cook over high heat for about half an hour; Boil until the red beans are sandy and there is an appropriate amount of water. You can add sugar to taste. The sweetness depends on your love.

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