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2017 autumnal equinox food_ You're lucky to eat these

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tomorrow is the autumnal equinox solar term in 2017. The autumnal equinox divides autumn equally. Since then, the days in the northern hemisphere are short and the nights are long, and the days in the southern hemisphere are long and the nights are short. It can be said to be a very special solar term. In China, the autumnal equinox has also attracted people's attention since ancient times. Is there any way to enhance your luck when the autumnal equinox comes? Let the old Huang Li recommend delicious food for the 2017 autumnal equinox. You can try it.


Osmanthus fragrans: for academic luck, the official career is scored with "the autumn equinox reflects the moon and the sky" and "the autumn equinox is full of Osmanthus fragrans". Osmanthus fragrans has almost become the symbol of the autumn equinox solar term. Sweet scented osmanthus is beautiful, fragrant, elegant and pleasant. Li Qingzhao said that sweet scented osmanthus is "the first-class among flowers". The people always regard sweet scented osmanthus as an auspicious omen.


are the best wishes for students; "Gui" and "Gui" are homonymous. People look forward to whether they have the help of noble people or become noble people themselves. In this season of sweet scented osmanthus, it was the season to eat sweet scented osmanthus. Make several Osmanthus fragrans diets for school children and people on official careers, so that they can add points to their academic and career fortunes while tasting the fragrance of Osmanthus fragrans.

honey water, sugar ginger tea, apple and pear juice: make feelings sweet. Honey contains a variety of bioactive substances, which can stimulate human immune function and prevent a variety of diseases. Drinking two cups of honey water every day can not only moisten the lung meridian, but also moisten your heart. Especially the honey water offered by your lover makes you feel sweet.

soup made of brown sugar, ginger and black tea can not only prevent and cure colds, but also relax menstruation and activate blood circulation. It has a good effect on female dysmenorrhea. It is most suitable for men to express love. Apple and pear juice can moisten lung and nourish yin. It can be drunk for a long time. But they are not as good as this season, because this is the time when apples and pears are harvested, which is the most nutritious.


Soup for moistening the lungs: add points for beauty. Dry skin is the enemy of beauty. Dry things in the autumn equinox need to be moistened in the human body. Drinking more soup will help alleviate autumn dryness. For example, tremella lotus seed soup, Lily Sydney water, Shashen Yuzhu fish tail soup, papaya stewed snow fungus sugar water, etc. are warm and nourishing, and the whole family can drink them.


fruits and vegetables such as walnuts, apples, grapes, pears and lilies: in order to carry out the autumn equinox healthily, the weather is dry and the temperature gradually decreases. Eating fruits and vegetables such as walnuts, lotus roots, autumn pears, oranges, hawthorn, apples, grapes, lilies, tremella and persimmons on the market not only moistens the lungs and relieves dryness, but also has rich nutrition, which can add points to everyone's health.

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