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From the autumn equinox to the day and night on September 23, 2017, it was cold and summer

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The autumnal equinox season of

and "Yan will go tomorrow, and autumn is approaching this equinox" is the 16th solar term of the year. After the spring equinox, the world divides day and night on this day again. Since then, the days in the northern hemisphere are short and the nights are long, while the opposite is true in the southern hemisphere. Then let the old yellow calendar give you a brief introduction to this special solar term - the autumnal equinox.


Q: what day is the autumn equinox in 2017? A: the autumn equinox in 2017 is September 23. The autumn equinox of


is the 16th of the 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar, which comes around September 23 of the Gregorian calendar every year. According to the Chinese astronomical calendar, the "autumn equinox" in the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar will be ushered in at 4:02 Beijing time on September 23, 2017, and the day and night will be divided equally after the spring equinox.

the autumnal equinox is in the middle of 90 days in autumn. It means "equal autumn", so it is called "autumnal equinox". On this day, the sun shines directly at the earth's equator and distributes light and warmth equally to the northern and southern hemispheres. Since then, the direct point of sunlight has increasingly shifted to the southern hemisphere. The day is shorter than the night, and day by day. Until the winter solstice, the climate in the northern hemisphere turns from hot to cool. Therefore, China's ancient book spring and autumn complex dew says: "the autumnal equinox, Yin and yang are half the same, so the day and night are cold and the heat is flat."

in the autumnal equinox, the cool wind is blowing, the blue sky is thousands of miles, the wind is sunny, the autumn is crisp, and the osmanthus is fragrant, Crab fat chrysanthemum yellow is not only a beautiful and pleasant season, but also an important solar term in agricultural production. Astronomers said that at this time, the festival is the "three autumn" of autumn harvest, autumn tillage and autumn planting. Most parts of China enter the autumn harvest season. Farmers are busy harvesting and drying grain, and the fields, fields and courtyards are golden everywhere.


Chinese folk proverbs say: "white dew falls at night, cold at night". Health experts suggest that after the autumn equinox, in order to prevent catching a cold, the public should pay attention to diet conditioning, strengthen self-care, add clothes and quilts in time, and avoid excessive "autumn freezing".

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