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8 knowledge about autumnal equinox

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on September 23, 2017, people will usher in the annual autumnal equinox solar term. On this day, the time of day and night is equal, and the climate starts to turn from hot to cold. Since ancient times, whether in agricultural production or daily life, the autumnal equinox is a solar term that has attracted much attention. Today's old yellow calendar will introduce you eight little knowledge about the autumnal equinox. Let's understand it together.


it is getting colder in autumn. According to the ancient book "spring and autumn dew", the autumnal equinox is accompanied by Yin and Yang, so it is cold and hot day and night. After the autumnal equinox, most parts of China enter the cool autumn. The cold air going south meets the gradually decaying warm and humid air to produce rainfall. The temperature also dropped frequently.


crabs are fat at the autumnal equinox, when crabs are yellow and fat. Eating crabs can replenish bones and marrow, clear away heat and detoxify.


eat autumn vegetables. In southern China, there is a custom of "eating autumn vegetables" at the autumn equinox. Autumn vegetable is a wild amaranth. Every autumn equinox day, rural people go to the field to pick autumn vegetables. At this time, the vegetables in the field are green and thin, about 20 cm high. Autumn vegetables are picked home and boiled with fish fillets. It is called autumn soup. About autumn soup, there is also a limerick poem: Autumn soup fills the viscera and washes the liver and intestines. The whole family, old and young, is safe and healthy.


crops mature at the autumnal equinox, olives, pears, papaya, chestnuts, soybeans and other foods have entered the mature stage one after another. It's time to pick and taste.

Osmanthus fragrans, Osmanthus fragrans at the autumnal equinox, when fragrant. At this time in the south, the day is warm and the night is cold, so you have to wear single clothes during the day and add clothes at night. This period, also known as "osmanthus steaming", means the muggy weather when osmanthus blooms.


enjoy chrysanthemums before and after the autumn equinox. It is a good time to enjoy chrysanthemums when they are in full bloom. On the autumn equinox, thousands of people around the world are doing vertical egg experiments. This custom originated from China has gradually become a worldwide game.

according to experts, on the spring equinox and autumn equinox, the days and nights in the southern and northern hemispheres are equal. 66. The earth's 5-degree tilt axis is in relative balance with the orbital plane of the earth's daily revolution. Therefore, it helps the egg stand up.

but some people think that whether the egg can be erected has nothing to do with the autumnal equinox. The key is to move the egg's center of gravity down. In this way, the mischief can be completed only if the egg yolk sinks as much as possible. When erecting eggs, it is best to choose eggs that have just been born for 4 or 5 days. In this way, the egg yolk sinks and the center of gravity drops, which is more conducive to the success of erecting eggs.


worship the autumn moon. The festival was originally set on the autumn equinox. According to historical records, as early as the Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BC), ancient kings offered sacrifices to the sun and the moon at the spring equinox and the autumn equinox. However, due to the adoption of the lunar calendar in the past, the autumnal equinox in August of the lunar calendar is not fixed every year, and the full moon does not necessarily appear on that day. If there is no full moon or even no moon, it will be a great waste of scenery. Therefore, the Festival will be held from the autumnal equinox to the Mid Autumn Festival.

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