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The autumnal equinox phenology bronze pot is half divided, and the laurel moon is full of buildings

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In the autumn equinox season of

and "the summer fades, the autumn air turns cool, and the sun and night are both long", people really enter autumn. Their daily health preservation is based on the principle of "calming Yin and Yang, converging and closing Tibet". The ancients of our country divided autumn into three periods: one was when the thunder began to stop; Second, waiting for insects; The water starts to dry up in three seasons, so today's old yellow calendar will introduce you further.


autumnal equinox in ancient China, the autumnal equinox was divided into three periods: "first, the thunder began to stop; second, the insects began to sting; third, the water began to dry up". The ancients believed that thunder sounded because of the exuberance of Yang Qi. After the autumn equinox, Yin Qi began to flourish, so it stopped thundering. As the weather gets colder, the dormant insects begin to hide in the cave and seal the hole with fine soil to prevent the invasion of cold. At this time, the rainfall began to decrease. Due to the dry weather and rapid evaporation of water vapor, the amount of water in lakes and rivers became less, and some swamps and depressions were dried up.


bronze pots are half minutes. The autumn equinox of the full building of the laurel moon is in August of the lunar calendar. The summer heat has subsided in both the north and the south, and the real autumn is coming. Ma Zhiyuan, a dramatist of the Yuan Dynasty, wrote in his Xiaoling "Xianlu · August": "half a minute of the bronze pot leaks more, and the fragrance of autumn disappears. Gui'e will make do with it. The sky is far away, and the clouds return to the moon full building. Who can teach Yu Jiangzhou to enjoy the Qingxing."


and "half a minute of the bronze pot" refer to the autumn equinox of the solar term in August and the equinox of day and night; "Sweet osmanthus" refers to the most relevant phenology in August: Osmanthus fragrans. Osmanthus grows in the vast area south of Qinling - the lower reaches of the Yellow River. Most varieties bloom in autumn and August. It is known as "Osmanthus fragrans everywhere in August", so August is also known as "osmanthus month".

August is in the middle of July, August and September in autumn, so it is also called mid autumn, Zhengqiu, ZHUANGYUE and Zhongshang. According to the matching of rhythm and month, August belongs to "Nan Lu" in the twelve laws. Therefore, August is also called "Shang Lu", and August is also the month of Jianyou (chicken month).


the Mid Autumn Festival in August is the second largest traditional festival in China after the Spring Festival. July, August and September are autumn, and August 15 coincides with its midpoint, so it is called "Mid Autumn Festival". In autumn, it is sunny and less cloudy in northern China, "the moon is particularly bright until the Mid Autumn Festival". At this time, the full moon is more concerned than the full moon in other months. Therefore, compared with the Lantern Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival is a festival centered on appreciating the moon.

the characteristic food of the Mid Autumn Festival is moon cakes. Moon cakes are generally in the shape of round cakes, symbolizing the moon wheel. Many complex patterns can be made on the surface of moon cakes, and their fillings can be made in a variety of ways. There is a lot of space to play. In addition, the Mid Autumn Festival is a big festival, so moon cakes have always been very important holiday food and gifts. The autumnal equinox in


: killing sadness and optimism. There are two themes about the image of autumn in ancient poetry, one is "sad autumn is Qi", and the other is "the autumn water is the same color".


in autumn, flowers and trees wither, grass withers and leaves fall, and there is a killing atmosphere around. This natural phenomenon will affect people's mood and make people feel desolate and depressed. The most typical and earliest poem of this kind of "autumn depression" mentality is "sad autumn is Qi! Bleak, plants and trees shake and decline" in Song Yu's nine debates of the Warring States period. From then on, "sad autumn is Qi" has become one of the themes of poets and writers of all dynasties singing autumn.


in fact, in autumn, the summer heat subsides, the sky is high and the clouds are light, the scenery is bright, the mountains are flat and far in autumn, and the scenery is very beautiful. Therefore, there is a famous sentence in the preface to King Teng's Pavilion by Wang Bo of the Tang Dynasty that "sunset clouds fly together with solitary ducks, and the autumn water is the same as the sky", which is a positive side of the golden autumn season.


in autumn, in addition to the high open sky, there are golden fields and red leaves all over the mountains. In the travel of the mountain by Du Mu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty: "when you go up to the cold mountain, the stone path is inclined, and there are people in the place where clouds are rising. Stop and sit in the maple forest at night, and the frost leaves are red than the flowers in February." the mountain scenery in autumn is very vivid, like a distinctive landscape painting.

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