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What about people born on the autumnal equinox_ How's fate

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China's folk tradition attaches great importance to people's birth time, because it believes that the date and time of birth will affect one's personality and even destiny, and there is also a special numerology to interpret it. Tomorrow, people will usher in the autumn equinox solar term in 2017. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce to you how people born at the autumn equinox are and how their fate is.


is the person born in the autumnal equinox solar term good? From the perspective of luck, the overall luck of the child born on this day is very good.

analysis of the fate of people born on the autumnal equinox children born on the day of the autumnal equinox, the year column is the Sino Japanese Festival, and wood and fire grow together; The moon column is Guiyou, and gold and water coexist. Generally speaking, those who have the eight characters of this birthday have great interest in Wenchang's studies. When I was reading, I was very serious and hard-working. I had a very strong learning ability. I was a very excellent student.


people born at the autumnal equinox are hot among the five elements, that is, they are positive and enthusiastic, confident and talkative. In addition, people born on the autumnal equinox are smart and capable, have good financial luck, and have very strong investment and financial ability.


suggestions for people born at the autumnal equinox. People born at the autumnal equinox solar terms have more gold in the five elements and less wood. Those who have ordered the five elements to flourish are your nobles. At the same time, people born on this day are prone to emotional instability, impulsivity and irritability because of the excessive fire of the Chinese character eight. Sometimes they lack care and seriousness, are prone to conflict with others and make overly radical behaviors, which should be paid special attention to.

therefore, people born on the autumnal equinox need the support of wood and the assistance of water, which can be supplemented when naming their children. In addition, people born on the autumn equinox have poor gastrointestinal function, so they should pay more attention to healthy diet.

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