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Fate of people born on the autumn equinox of 2017_ Is the baby born alive

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autumnal equinox is the 16th solar term in a year. From then on, people have entered the real autumn. The autumnal equinox is a transitional season when the weather changes from hot to cold. In this gradually cool and dry day, people slowly usher in the autumn harvest. So what's the character and fate of the baby born in this harvest season? Let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you.


how is the life of the baby born on the 2017 autumn equinox? The baby born on the 2017 autumn equinox is relatively good from the perspective of fate. Reasons for


people born during the period from August 7 to October 7 of the Gregorian calendar, Shen and youyue of the lunar calendar, Liqiu and Bailu of the lunar calendar, including those born at the autumn equinox, are Ximu fates. People born in autumn have more gold in the five elements and less wood. People with Ximu life need the support of wood and the assistance of water. People with Ximu life avoid gold and fire.

warm tips (1) lucky years: the year of the tiger and the year of the rabbit are their lucky years. (2) lucky month: every year from the beginning of spring to the Yin month and Mao month before Qingming is their lucky month. (3) lucky day: among the twelve zodiac signs of each month, the lucky day is the day when tigers and rabbits are auspicious. On the contrary, the day when tigers and rabbits are fierce is also their fierce day. (4) lucky hour: every morning, afternoon and evening are their lucky hours. (5) dignitaries: those who have ordered the prosperity of the five elements are their dignitaries.

is the baby born on the autumn equinox in 2017 good? The baby born on the autumn equinox in 2017 is relatively good in terms of personality characteristics. Reasons for


(1) Ximu people emphasize the rules and do things in accordance with the rules. Therefore, many people serve as civil servants or industries with demanding work requirements, such as financial management, pilots, etc. (2) even if they are freelancers, they are often strict with themselves, and sometimes they are too demanding of others. (3) you can also say that they stick to the rules, but they like the new and don't hate the old. Everything must be ugly. Principles are the most important to them.

warm tips (1) people in Ximu often like to go to the place where the sun comes out first, such as the East and the tall opposite sex. Multi night love is what Ximu people want. (2) people with camptothecin should pay attention to the maintenance of liver and gallbladder system.

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