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Pregnant women's autumnal equinox regimen 5 tips to alleviate depression

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an old Chinese saying goes, "hurt spring and mourn autumn." everything tends to converge. The autumn with bleak vegetation between heaven and earth is easy to fall into melancholy. Since ancient times, many melancholy poems have been written by sentimental writers and writers in this cold and empty season. When the "seasonal factors" of depression meet the common "maternal depression during pregnancy and childbirth", what can we do?


today's old yellow calendar will recommend five tips to help alleviate pregnant women's autumn depression. However, to combat seasonal depression at the autumn equinox, the most important thing is the patient company and good communication and understanding of the family. These five tips can better relieve pregnant women's "small emotions".


autumnal equinox solar terms are more likely to trigger depression. As the saying goes, "hurting spring and mourning autumn", autumnal equinox solar terms are more likely to trigger depression, especially expectant mummies in pregnancy. If you don't pay attention to mental health preservation at this stage, your body is easy to go wrong.


hormone imbalance in pregnant women. The mother will secrete many hormones to protect the growth of the fetus during pregnancy. It gradually disappears within 72 hours after delivery and secretes other hormones that supply breast milk. This change will lead to insomnia, hair loss, loss of control, depression and other symptoms, which is often called pregnancy and childbirth depression.


according to relevant statistics, about 50% of pregnant and childbearing mothers in China may have depression. For expectant mothers, their own factors are on the edge of high incidence of depression. When "pregnancy and childbirth" meets "seasonal factors", it will undoubtedly worsen. Especially when the temperature difference between day and night increases, the temperature is lower and lower, and the scene is more and more depressed, it is easier to induce autumn depression.

five tips for relieving depression of expectant mummies during the autumnal equinox

are calm, close to the natural autumnal equinox solar terms, falling leaves, expectant mummies are prone to melancholy and other bad emotions. Smart experts say that at this time, expectant mummies can cultivate optimism, take a deep breath, relax, listen to music, practice yoga, get close to nature in time and maintain mental peace.


have a balanced diet and eat more fruits and vegetables. Autumn is a harvest season. Colorful fruits and vegetables are the best ingredients to prevent autumn depression. Zhilingtong experts remind that expectant mothers eat more foods rich in vitamin B and amino acids such as fish, eggs and green vegetables, which is also good for increasing vitality, regulating mood and reducing depression.

outdoor exercise, more sun exposure, good outdoor air quality at the autumnal equinox, expectant mummies go out more. Exercise every day can make pregnant mothers have good physical fitness, maintain active body metabolism, and the body will secrete pleasant substances during exercise. Exercise for about 30 minutes every day, including walking, swimming, yoga during pregnancy, etc.


are fully supplemented with DHA during pregnancy. According to American research, there is a certain link between DHA and depression. DHA plays a role in adjusting mood through a series of reactions. DHA cannot be synthesized by the human body and must be supplemented. Adequate DHA supplementation during pregnancy and childbirth is helpful to improve mental insufficiency during pregnancy and reduce the risk of depression during pregnancy and childbirth.


can properly vent and resolve in time. When expectant mothers feel great pressure in life, they can vent by talking to people, singing, writing, etc. smart experts specially remind them not to press in their hearts. When self-regulation has no obvious effect, they should go to the psychological Department of the hospital in time.

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