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Health preservation matters needing attention from the autumn equinox on September 23

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today is September 23, 2017. People usher in the annual autumnal equinox. When the autumnal equinox comes, people are easy to feel the change of the weather. At this time, the temperature begins to drop, the air becomes dry, and the daily health preservation strategy also needs to be adjusted. Then today's old yellow calendar introduces to you the health preservation matters that people need to pay attention to after the autumnal equinox.


first prevention: appropriate "autumn freezing" to prevent colds. The temperature drops slightly in autumn. Although it is cold, it is not very cold. It is a better period of "autumn freezing". If you keep warm too early, the body does not have a step-by-step understanding process of the cold, which reduces the human body's ability to regulate the cold, and is more likely to get sick in the cold winter. If properly "frozen", it will help to increase the cold tolerance of human skin and mucosa, so as to improve the disease resistance.

but "autumn freeze" cannot be unlimited. The temperature drops after the autumnal equinox, and the clothes of young adults should be controlled to avoid heat and sweat, injury to Yin and gas consumption. The temperature difference between morning and evening increases in late autumn. Especially in late autumn and early winter, strong cold air often invades. At this time, if you insist on "autumn freezing", it will be counterproductive.

in addition, people "freeze in autumn" after the autumn equinox, but they can't freeze their feet. Special attention should be paid to keeping their feet warm. Barefoot is easy to catch cold, causing gastrointestinal discomfort and even colds. Soaking your feet in hot water before going to bed at night is also a good way to keep healthy in autumn. For children and middle-aged and elderly people with weak physique, "autumn freeze" needs to be more cautious. Second harvest of


: exercise properly. The Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine says: "in autumn and March, you should lie down early and get up early, be happy with the chickens, make your mind peaceful and converge your spirit." at this time, you should adapt to the climate and carry out some cold resistant fitness exercises to enhance the body's ability to adapt to the changeable climate and the gradual reduction of temperature. During the autumn equinox of


, people should choose relaxed and gentle sports with little activity. They can also properly carry out some cold resistant exercises and aerobic sports, such as mountaineering, walking, Taijiquan, cycling, dancing, etc. Proper cold water exercise also has a certain effect on preventing cold, runny nose and bronchitis. Therefore, cold water can be used to wash face, feet and nose at ordinary times. People with strong body can also take cold water bath, etc.


: replenish qi, clear lung and prevent autumn dryness. Autumn dryness is full of evil, which is most likely to hurt lung yin. Special attention should be paid to prevent autumn dryness in diet. The "dryness" of autumnal equinox is different from that of Bailu. The "dryness" of the autumnal equinox is cool dryness, and the "dryness" of Bailu is "warm dryness". In terms of food intake and maintenance, the pungent taste diffuses to drain the lung, and the sour taste converges to replenish the lung. Therefore, we should try to eat less pungent products such as onion, ginger, garlic, leek and pepper, and eat more sour and sweet fruits and vegetables.


at the same time, autumn dryness is easy to hurt body fluid. It is advisable to eat more sweet, cold and moisturizing products, such as lily, tremella, yam, lotus root, sugarcane, pear, apple, grape, sesame, duck, etc. to moisten lung, nourish yin and moisten dryness. But don't eat too full to avoid stagnation of intestines and stomach. It should be noted that after the autumn equinox, the cold and cool atmosphere is becoming stronger and stronger. If you have poor spleen and stomach and frequent diarrhea, eating too much fruit may also induce or aggravate the disease.


four supports: adjust bad emotions. The scenery in autumn is bleak, which is easy to make people feel desolate and depressed, and even have anxiety and depression, that is, people often say "sad autumn". Therefore, in the autumnal equinox season, we should pay special attention to adjusting our mood, maintaining mental tranquility, astringent and avoiding the spirit of killing. Climbing and overlooking can make people relaxed and happy, dispel depression, melancholy and other bad emotions.


and "sticking autumn fat" mostly use the cooking method of "steaming". There is a folk saying of "sticking autumn fat". Some health experts believe that autumn is easy to be dry and hot, and "steaming" should be used more when sticking autumn fat, which can keep the color, aroma and taste of food to the greatest extent and avoid the damage of nutrients and the generation of harmful substances caused by uneven heating and excessive frying.


steaming dishes contain polyphenol nutrients, such as flavonoids and quercetin, which are significantly higher than other cooking methods. Therefore, it is very good for your body to eat more steamed meat and soup in autumn.

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