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The autumnal equinox scenery is fragrant and cool, and the toads are full of light

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The autumnal equinox solar term of

is the 16th solar term of the year. After the autumnal equinox, the temperature drops day by day, and the temperature difference between day and night gradually increases. The real autumn is coming, so today's old yellow calendar will sort out those autumnal equinox features for you.


autumnal equinox: Thunder begins to stop; Jellyfish households; The water began to dry up. Thunder begins to sound: on the autumnal equinox, "thunder begins to sound", thunder makes a sound in the sun in February, and the sun begins to shine. In August, the Yin enters the ground and closes. The sun waned. In the first half of autumn, autumn clouds are winding and autumn clouds are brilliant; In the latter half of the autumn, the wind rises everywhere, the autumn rain lingers, and the autumn insects canming. Dormant insect households: in the next five days, "dormant insect households". "Suddenly, the branches are far away, and the cold insects want the green households." "green" here means "cultivating". The insects are expelled by the cold, enter the ground and seal their nests, bid farewell to the late autumn in advance and prepare for hibernation. Water begins to dry up: five days later, "water begins to dry up". Drying up is drying up. Under the influence of water vapor, the water grows in spring and summer and dries up in autumn and winter.


refer to you. According to Huainanzi, the Mid Autumn Moon refers to you. You is the tenth of the earth branch. From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., you is right. In August, millet can make wine. According to the book of historical records and laws, "the unitary is the old of all things". According to Guangya Shitian, Yang is born in Youzhong, and August is Youzhong.


the ancients said that autumn should "freeze feet and brain". The so-called "spring covers autumn" is actually to adapt to the weather. The moon of the Mid Autumn Festival, the harvest season, Li Ping and su. At this time, heaven and earth are peaceful, and peace must be quiet. Silence is the elimination under the premise of bleak. Only when it is eliminated can we be respectful. Cleaning up is contraction, autumn freezing is to comply with the spirit of cleaning up, and cleaning up is to clean up summer congestion and winter storage.

Feilong autumn equinox, the sky is high, the clouds are light, the air is clean, and the wind is light, "Feilong autumn, swim to the sky".


cold rain. The sky is as clear as a mirror. Before the cold dew, the autumn sun is mild and windless. Those fragile leaves are afraid and fall off early. But more leaves will wait for cold rain, cold wind and severe frost, dye yellow and red in the destruction, and lament that they will float away with the wind. From the bright green in early spring to the golden and red in late autumn, the hard work of life is actually this bright.

thin bones can't help being wet by the rain in autumn. Tired willows worry about the lotus, and the wind is urgent. Thin bones can't help but worry about autumn.


the trees are wet and cool. After the autumn rain, the trees are wet and cool. The light and shadow in the forest are joking, and the fallen leaves are light yellow, persistently reminding Qiusi.


dew flowers are close to the autumnal equinox, with cool air and dew. The dew shines on the branches, the dew reflects the emerald, and the dew flowers are always wet. The clear dew is not thick, but the beauty is before the haze disperses.


reduce pain and increase Xin. Sun Simiao said in his theory on taking care of the sun: "it is the month when the heart is weak and the lung is golden. It is appropriate to reduce pain and increase Xin, help tendons and blood, so as to nourish the heart, liver, spleen and stomach. Do not commit evil winds and make people sore for epidemic dysentery."


August 27. Kong Zi's birthday, August 27, Confucius's birthday. According to the biography of Gu Liang, Confucius was born in gengzi in the winter and October of the 21st year of the Duke of Lu Xiang. The Zhou calendar is two months earlier than the summer calendar, which is calculated as August 27 of the lunar calendar in the 21st year of the Duke of Lu Xiang.

on August 30, the osmanthus will decline, the moonlight will fade, the sound of insects will be tired, the flowers and leaves will be red and scorched, and the fallen leaves have increased. The Mid Autumn Festival is about to say goodbye in August.

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