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Health preservation at the beginning of winter beware of three kinds of diseases in winter

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enters winter, the weather is getting colder and drier. In such climate change, people who do not make timely preparations for changing seasons may suffer from some common diseases in winter. Then today's old yellow calendar will introduce you to three kinds of common winter diseases that you need to be careful about at the beginning of winter.


prevent respiratory diseases. In cold and dry weather, some viruses and bacteria are more active. At this time, it is most likely to get respiratory diseases, such as influenza. The following six points can help you prevent winter diseases.

1. Wash hands frequently, keep ventilated, exercise hard, have more vegetables and fruits, drink more water, sleep well and be calm. 2. Saline gargle therapy: gargle twice in the morning to prevent respiratory diseases and treat pharyngitis. 3. White radish or green radish, eat one or two Liang a day, eat raw and chew slowly, which can also improve the body's immunity. 4. The ancient Egyptians knew more than 2000 years ago that eating onions could prevent infectious diseases. Onions can be eaten raw, chopped, mixed with cucumbers or fried. 5. Drink tea. Each person drinks five cups of black tea every day before noon, especially after four o'clock. 6. Eat fungi. Non toxic fungi help people improve their disease resistance.


prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. After the beginning of winter, when the temperature drops, the human blood vessels will shrink, the blood will become viscous, and the blood pressure will rise by 20mm Hg, which is prone to spasm and myocardial infarction. Therefore, when it is cold, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases must pay attention.

1. Keep warm and cold proof 2. Get up a glass of water in the morning. People urinate, sweat and breathe at night. In the morning, the blood is concentrated. At this time, it is easy to have accidents of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. A glass of water in the morning helps to dilute the blood, activate and flush the gastrointestinal tract, and is conducive to detoxification and urination.


prevent digestive system diseases, and the stomach is most afraid of cold. After winter, when the weather is cold, the working ability of the stomach will decline, the appetite is poor, and the food is not easy to digest. Gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and other gastric diseases are also easy to attack, so friends with gastrointestinal diseases must pay attention.

1. Warm. Don't eat cold food. 2. Soft. Must eat soft, not hard. 3. Vegetarian. Eat more vegetables. 4. Light. Eating too salty is easy to get high blood pressure, which will accelerate aging. 5. Fresh. Eat fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables as much as possible.

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