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Is it cold at the beginning of winter 2017? The weather is beginning to get cold

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"the autumn wind blows away the old tingke, and the yellow leaves and red maples pass by. A little Zen light is half a month, and tonight is colder than last night." the arrival of the beginning of winter solar term represents the beginning of winter. Then, will the weather start to be "colder tonight than last night" and become colder all the way? Today's old yellow calendar will introduce you, is it colder in 2017.


is it cold after the beginning of winter? The temperature decreases significantly after the beginning of winter. With the strengthening of cold air, the trend of temperature decline accelerates. The average temperature of people in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River is generally 12 ℃ to 15 ℃. The continuous rain has ended. In case of strong cold air, the temperature can drop close to 8-10 ℃ or more in less than a day. But after all, after the strong wind, the sun shines, the air-conditioning mass changes quickly, and the temperature rises rapidly. The rise of temperature and the accumulation of heat promote the next round of cold air to bring strong cooling. When


are clear and windless, there are often warm and comfortable "little sunny spring" weather, which is not only very pleasant, but also very beneficial to the growth of winter crops. However, at this time, the cold air in the North has also had a strong force, often invading south, sometimes forming a cold wave weather with strong wind, cooling and rain and snow.


after the beginning of winter, there are many northerly winds and the wind force is strengthened. As the northwest, North China, northeast and other places that have already entered winter, the strong wind and cooling at this time can be said to be used to. In places from central and southern North China to Huang Huai, the cold air during the beginning of winter often sweeps away the red leaves in the mountains or blows the trees in the city into light poles, making people feel like entering winter all at once.


after the beginning of winter, the temperature difference between the north and the South widens. China has a vast territory, and the north and South longitudinally span dozens of latitudes, so there is a temperature difference between the north and the south. But after the beginning of winter, the temperature difference between the north and the south is greater. In November, the average temperature in most of China's Qinghai Tibet Plateau, Inner Mongolia and northern Heilongjiang reached about - 10 ℃. The temperature difference between Mohe in the northernmost part and Haikou in Hainan Province can reach as much as 30 ℃ - 50 ℃.


are prone to frost and fog after the beginning of winter. In November of normal years, early frost will appear one after another from the north of Qinling Mountains, the West and south of Huanghuai River and the south to the north of Jiangnan river. In cold years, early frost will also appear in the north of Nanling in mid November. In the north in November, as the cold air front moved out of the local area, the cold air mass behind the front began to change to the warm side. If there was no subsequent cold air supplement, the temperature picked up a few days later, but the air quality gradually deteriorated.

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