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When will winter begin in 2017

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"last night, there were clear frost and cold catkins, and red leaves filled the steps. The garden swept away the west wind, but only yellow flowers did not lose autumn." Lidong is the 19th solar term of the year, and its arrival is considered to be the beginning of winter. So today's old yellow calendar will introduce you when winter begins in 2017.


Q: when will winter begin in 2017? A: the beginning of winter in 2017 is November 7, 2017.


beginning of winter is not only an important solar term, but also regarded as a major festival in October in ancient times. "Li, Jianshi also." winter began to appear; "Winter is over." everything began to collect. Lidong is the beginning of winter and the appearance of Meng Dongyue.


after the beginning of winter, the sunshine will continue to shorten. In astronomy, the beginning of winter is regarded as the beginning of winter, but according to the division of climatology, China will delay about 20 days to enter winter. Precipitation in most parts of China will decrease significantly. The North began to freeze, and agriculture and forestry entered the overwintering period. At this point, all things began to collect.


combine the beginning of winter with the beginning of spring, summer and autumn, which were very important festivals in the past. The four people's monthly order of the Eastern Han Dynasty: on the winter solstice, when wine and food are served, he pays homage to the king, the teacher and the elderly, just like the normal day; On this day in the Song Dynasty, people change new clothes and celebrate exchanges, just like New Year's festivals; In the Qing Dynasty, clothes are more fresh and bow to each other; Since the Republic of China, rituals have tended to be simplified.


in ancient times, three times were set every five days after the beginning of winter. The water began to ice five days after the beginning of winter; Five days later the earth began to freeze; Five days later, the pheasant enters the flood as a mirage. Water begins to ice. The surface of the water is initially solidified, but it is not firm. Second, the ground began to freeze. The earth's gas condenses cold, but it is not demolished. The


pheasants enter the flood as mirages. Pheasants are large birds such as pheasants; Huainanzi note: mirage is a big ha (clam). The jade chapter also says: mirage, Daha. Flood, huaiye. Jin said: pheasants entering the Huai River are mirages. After the beginning of winter, big birds such as pheasants are rare, but Daha whose shell is similar to the line color of pheasants can be seen on the beach. The ancients could not explain this phenomenon, so they thought that the pheasant would become a big ha after the beginning of winter.

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