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Misunderstanding and taboo of Lidong food tonic cream

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is a traditional tonic season in China. In addition to nutritious fish and meat, many people will take traditional Chinese medicine as the first choice for tonic. For example, the ointment with nourishing effect is often eaten during tonic in winter. However, according to traditional Chinese medicine doctors, Lidong food tonic cream prescription is very particular, so let Lao Huangli introduce to you the misunderstandings and taboos of Lidong food tonic cream prescription.


misunderstandings that need to be corrected when Lidong takes ointment 1: I don't know to take "Kailu medicine" first. Traditional Chinese medicine experts point out that some people have poor gastrointestinal function and don't feel very digested when eating. Taking tonics again is bound to aggravate the above symptoms. These people need to take "open circuit medicine" first to remove the damp and heat in their intestines and stomach. If the gastrointestinal function is restored, the tongue coating is clean, and you don't feel full when eating, you can take supplements.


for newly ill people, the disease must be basically cured before tonic. Otherwise, it will not only make people uncomfortable to take tonics, but also make it difficult to heal colds and coughs. Experts suggest that one to two months before taking the ointment, ask the doctor to prescribe a suitable formula for the individual. Especially for the first time, it's best to use the open circuit formula for one-step conditioning. Misunderstanding 2 of


: the family share a paste recipe, and some people share a paste recipe together. Experts pointed out that traditional Chinese medicine tonic emphasizes "deficiency is tonic", and can not be filled indiscriminately. It is unscientific for the whole family to blindly eat a paste prescription and can't make up for the symptoms.


in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, deficiency symptoms are at least divided into yin deficiency, Yang deficiency, Qi deficiency and blood deficiency, or into the deficiency of the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. Only one person can prescribe the right medicine. Before tonic in winter, ask the doctor to see if the body is suitable for tonic before judging whether it is suitable for the use of ointment. Misunderstanding 3 of


: paste recipe experts who blindly pursue the configuration of precious medicinal materials point out that the more expensive the paste recipe is, the better. Some people think that a paste recipe with less than a thousand yuan is not a good paste recipe. Some creams add some valuable medicinal materials such as Cordyceps sinensis, and the price will be expensive. But if you can't use symptomatic drugs, sometimes the effect is not good.


experts believe that the price of ointment mainly depends on the economic situation and condition of patients. The key to winter conditioning lies in the use of targeted drugs according to personal physique, which will have obvious effect only after consumption. If the patient has a simple condition and mild sub-health symptoms, there is no need to prescribe too expensive tonics.

Lidong's contraindication of taking ointment

tonic ointment contraindication there are many deficiency syndrome of senile diseases, so tonic ointment is more commonly used. In specific application, we should pay attention to the following points.

1. Prevent "closing the door and leaving the invaders behind". Do not use the tonic cream too early when the external evil is not exhausted, so as not to leave evil. When necessary, tonic products can be added to the anti evil drugs, so as to achieve the purpose of supporting righteousness and eliminating evil, attacking and tonifying at the same time. 2. Prevent "deficiency without compensation". For general patients with chronic deficiency syndrome, they can only take care of themselves slowly, not suddenly. It can be added into the tonic ointment to help transport, so as not to nourish the stomach. 3. Prevent "damaging Yang and consuming Tianjin". Yang deficiency has cold, avoid clearing and tonifying, so as not to help Yin damage Yang; Yin fluid loss should not be supplemented by temperature, so as not to help fire hurt Yin.


pregnancy contraindications during pregnancy, because some drugs have the disadvantages of slippery fetus and abortion, they can often cause the consequences of abortion. Therefore, we should pay attention to the selection of drugs and pregnancy contraindications in clinical treatment.

medication contraindications in order to achieve the purpose of treatment, doctors often ask patients to avoid certain foods during medication, which is called "diet contraindication". For example, avoid taking radish when taking ginseng ointment, pig, sheep blood and iron when taking Shouwu ointment; When taking nourishing ointment, it is not suitable to drink tea. During general medication, avoid cold, greasy, spicy and other foods that are not easy to digest and have special irritation.


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