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What kind of tea should I drink to nourish and protect the liver in cold dew season

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24 solar terms "cold dew" is the fifth solar term in autumn. At this time, it has entered the late autumn season. In late autumn, the weather is getting cold. We must do a good job of nourishing and protecting the liver. Drinking tea can nourish and protect the liver, you know? So in the cold and dry late autumn, what tea to drink to nourish and protect the liver? Let's have a look with Lao Huang.


chrysanthemum tea has a dry climate in autumn, which will inevitably lead to dry eyes, especially students and office workers who always face computers. Chrysanthemum tea has the functions of clearing the liver, brightening the eyes, sterilization and disinfection, and chrysanthemum tea also has the functions of reducing blood lipid, lowering cholesterol and delaying aging. When making chrysanthemum tea, you can put an appropriate amount of medlar. Chrysanthemum medlar tea can nourish yin and kidney, and play a beneficial role.

Honey Lemon Tea Dr. Peter Kramer, an American expert on liver diseases, suggested: try adding lemon to the water. The acidity of lemon can promote the liver to produce bile, which is conducive to the body's detoxification. Drink 8 ~ 10 cups a day, 300 ml each time. Honey is not only a beauty product for women, but also a good medicine for men to protect their liver.

eucommia tea eucommia tea is a famous health tea, which can tonify the liver and kidney, lower blood pressure and blood lipid, beautify and beautify the face and help sleep. Drinking more eucommia tea is very good for people with insomnia, dreams and three highs. People who often have insomnia can have a cup before going to bed.

cassia seed tea cassia seed tea is also one of the tea suitable for drinking in autumn, because cassia seed tea can clear the liver, brighten the eyes, reduce blood lipid and cholesterol, and cassia seed tea is conducive to defecation and has a certain therapeutic effect on dry and constipation in autumn.

medlar tea medlar has the functions of tonifying kidney and essence, nourishing liver and eyesight, moistening lung and dryness. It can reduce blood pressure, lipid and prevent arteriosclerosis. It has the function of health care and treatment for dizziness, tinnitus, blurred vision and memory loss caused by insufficient liver and kidney. It is especially suitable for eye fatigue caused by long-term use of computer. When preparing, only more than a dozen Lycium barbarum are needed to brew frequent drinks with heated water.

dandelion tea dandelion can be used as medicine. It is bitter, sweet and cold in nature. It belongs to the liver, stomach and kidney meridians, clearing heat and detoxification, dispersing nodules, detumescence, dehumidification and diuresis. It especially has the effect of protecting the liver and protecting the liver.

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